Few Things That Keeps You Away From Making Money Online

by nrupen
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Actually this thread is not for experienced marketers. This thread is for those who fall prey to over hyped sales letter again and again making no money at all.


Myth 1 : SEO is free and you can rank within month, week or a day.
Truth : SEO is no longer a free deal. I don't have to prove my word, read any reputed e-book on SEO or buy any SEO or traffic training course. All will tell you, you have to invest some money and some time, the book/course that'll claim, it can help you rank 100% free will only keep your page disappeared in search engines. A new domain name can not rank search engine within short span of time like a month or week or a single day. You may possibly see it rising in search results within two weeks but on page one within minutes is pure luck factor.

Myth 2 : You can not beat a page with 1000 backlinks with your page with only 500 backlinks.
Truth : You can beat a page with 1000 backlinks with your page with only 500 backlinks. Gone are days when only quantity of links could place you on page one. Today quality, quantity, link structure, site SILO and link diversity are the factors that can place you on page one.

Myth 3 : If I'll build 1000s of backlinks I'll rank on page one very soon.
Truth : If your domain is brand new and you'll try to build 1000s of backlinks in few days. Rather than ranking well it'll disappear from search results for indefinite time. 1000s of links for new domain in days is surely a suspicious activity. Your domain must have thousands of backlinks already or your domain must be few months old with few backlinks. Search engines sandbox and block new domain for which 1000s of backlinks starts appearing within days from search results for indefinite time. This indefinite time could be 1 month, 2 months, 3 months or it might be full year. Don't risk your business with stupidity.

Myth 4 : I can start make money 100% free starting from today.
Truth : Yes you can make money from today but not for free. Only well and highly researched advertisement campaigns can generate money in same day. Free methods don't exist anymore. You can't make a cent for free unless you are freelancing. No marketing campaign usually delivers any result in a day or two. Usually all marketing campaigns start showing results after 3 months, only few lucky guys or people who are blessed with extraordinary intelligence are able to break this time barrier.

The Distractions And Marketing Method

The biggest reason why many newbies fail in making money online is they always fall prey to faulty sales pitch. Understand the fact marketing is art of convincing people to buy. A marketer who is selling a product in which he might be teaching you how to create your own product and market it online, might normally start with sales pitch why affiliate marketing doesn't work anymore. Then he'll place some points to convince you that affiliate marketing will not work. You believe it buy product and start working on it.

Next day another sales letter may end in your inbox which states affiliate marketing works not the product creation. Few days later another sales letter with advertisements work and not the affiliate marketing or product creation. And surely if the marketer is good enough to convince you, he can sell you almost anything. Understand the fact no matter how convincing points the seller may place in front of you about why other stuffs will not work only his stuff will work, you must not get convinced just because it is art of selling. You have to master this art and not fall prey to it again and again.

No matter what you are marketing and how you are marketing, everything from affiliate marketing, product creation, paid advertisements, Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, video marketing, forum marketing, selling e-books, selling newsletters, selling web-seminars and videos, blogging, email marketing or any other method of making money online just works. Just because you or someone else failed doesn't make a method failure if others are already making money from it.

Marketing Method And Marketing Model
Now suppose a one person want to sell ice-creams in cold region whereas someone else want to sell it in hot region. According to you who will succeed in selling more ice-creams if both plan to sell ice-creams on wheels. The most common answer is the person in hot region will sell more ice-creams, I don't doubt your intelligence but a person in cold region could also sell more ice-creams. Because marketing model defines success of marketing and not marketing method.

Let me explain, selecting a region and selling on wheels in marketing method. And both ice-cream sellers selected same method to sell product. Now marketing model is a systematic plan developed to market product using a specific method. The ice-cream seller who is in hot region if selects a plan to wander all over city and sell ice-creams whereas ice-cream seller in cold region selects to sell ice-creams at a place where people are hardcore lovers of ice-cream, aren't there 100% chances of cold region ice-cream seller to beat ice-cream seller of hot region.

So no matter which method of marketing you select to make money, unless you have proper model to sell it you can not expect money. A perfect money making blueprint will also meet failure, if you'll fail in designing your marketing model properly.

Marketing model is something which can not be taught. It keeps changing with time, trend and technology and all marketers learn it by experience. So if you are newbie and you failed making money after following some training program. Then surely most of the time its not fault of your training course, you failed just because of lack of experience. Don't curse your training or yourself, give your brain time to experience and learn things.

Note that a winner is a person who is ready to accept failures before success, that the reason why failures are called stepping stones towards success.
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    Very nice post, mate!

    I really like the last part where you talk about the marketing model... most people are just focused on finding a method that can produce awesome results overnight, but they forget that there are other apsects involved besides having a cool method. Having good marketing skills, developing a solid plan/structure, understanding their target market, etc are things that can determine how successful an internet marketer can be, but most people seem to ignore them.

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    Yes, I agree that 1 thing to put in mind to make your marketing not so work well is "marketing techniques distraction". Multiple marketing methods, if not organized well, they will make you distracted.

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    Nice post. So true!

    Unfortunately many people are looking for that "easy button" to instant overnight riches and, even if they know deep down inside that no such thing exists, they keep looking instead of simply sharpening their pencils and doing the work that will give them eventual riches.

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  • Profile picture of the author dillipbytes
    Very informative and practical thing you put here for newbies. Most of them fall prey to the attractive advertizements claiming instant success like fast food. The basic rule of marketing is same for IM. Success in it needs hard work, proper planning, preservation, up-to-date knowledge and the most important is lateral thinking. I prefer lateral thinking to logical thinking as the competition is so fierce here that any path you opt, it has already followed by a lot. You have to define your own approach.
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      Great tips. That ice-cream example was good.
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  • Profile picture of the author Samrath Gupta
    Loved your post nrupen From your post sounds like you are an experienced guy

    Keep up the great work and looking forward to see more great posts from your side
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    thanks for your post
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    thanks for your post
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  • Profile picture of the author Jim Nariel
    Great post - and well structured.

    The last point about accepting failures before success is so true - examples we all know

    Edison and the light bulb - was it 300 or 400 failed experiments?
    Disney - did he go to 200 or 300 banks before he got a loan to build a theme park in a swamp?

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    great post rupen! I agree completely. It helped me a lot to clarify certain aspects. Thank you.
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    Thanks for sharing. SEO is not as confusing as most people make it look. Keep it natural and provide lots of relevant quality material. And back links are a plus.

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  • Profile picture of the author jaypyoung
    I would add something you may have over looked.

    PLAYSTATION: This stops me from getting a lot of things done, all those new games i can play instead of working on my business, damn PSN
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  • Profile picture of the author mike351
    In my opinion, another reason why people
    dont start taking action:
    the fear of failing. The fear to fail which
    can destroy all of your dreams.
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    99% true. Nice post mate

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    Very Good Post Man
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