Problem getting Youtube videos into Wordpress blog

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I am probably missing something really obvious here, but I can't seem to add youtube videos into a WP blog that I have.

I have another blog - Best Pet Jobs where I have never had a problem, using the embed code, but the code won't save on my new blog Business Opportunity, Home-Based Business, Work From Home, Luxury Travel. for some reason. As soon as I hit save, it disappears!

Can anyone offer me some advice please?

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    this might sound simple but are you putting the code in the HTML or in the visual editor.

    also you could use short code

    the instructions are listed here

    YouTube — Support —
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    Just get the smart youtube plugin so everything gets a whole lot less complicated and you get to save way more time. Download it and whenever you want to add a youtube vid, just type the usual and paste it. To make the plugin work, you just need to add "v". So it will look like httpv://
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    Thank you for this. I was about to post the exact same thing.

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    I've never encountered thsi problem. This is weird. I know that my blog only displays the videos useing the old YouTube code though. when you go to copy the embed code, there are several choices. One of them is to use the "old" YouTube embed code. Try that instead of the flash, or "new" YouTube code.
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    I have found that sometimes the easy add video button doesnt always appear depending on what theme im using dunno why.

    What i tend to do mostly anyway is use html as I find it easier. Just click the embed button and take the html code, i firstly put in this centering code '<center>This will center your contents</center>' then I put the you tube html inside it.

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    Sometimes with youtube plugins if you try to put html directly into the page it does not work.

    are you looking at the preview of it or the published version. When you preview a blog post often you do not see the videos?

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