Launching my $197 product soon, any marketplace that's better than Clickbank?

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    Although Clickbank might call itself a 'marketplace' it isn't really. People do not go along to Clickbank searching for products to buy. The people visiting the Clickbank 'marketplace' are those looking for products to promote.

    It's a very different marketplace to say eBay or the WSO forum as people are visiting those marketplaces actively seeking products to buy.
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    I think one of the next best to Clickbank is RapBank. They are getting big fast. Currently, I believe they have roughly 16,000 affiliates and over 1600 products in their marketplace.

    You'll have two options there. You can list the one product as a revnue share with RapBank for $20, or you can get a Vendor Plus account and list as many products as you wish.

    They are getting popular because they offer instant commissions. However, there is a lot of MRR products being sold on there, which could work in your favor if you have a nice original product. Be sure to have some good affiliate tools, and I think you'll do well. One thing I like that they do is they send out an email to all of their affiliates every day with any new product listings, so that will help you recruit right off the bat.

    Another one I'm hearing a lot about is JV Zoo. You could also go with PayDotCom or PaySpree as well.
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      why dont you try a few of following they are pretty good.

      1. commission junction
      2. paydotcom
      3. plimus
      4. linkshare

      the above ones mentioned in the above posts.
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    You're not gonna get a $197 product approved at CB unless you have been doing business with them already successfully. The max will be $50. I am not sure that entering the marketplace at $197 is the best idea anyway unless you already have some lower priced front end courses in place. You should look at David Deangelo(Eben Pagan) and how he moves people up the ladder of intimacy. He has several low priced products that bring people into his funnel. He does $10Mil+ a year in the niche. I would certainly look at how he has achieved that if I were entering the same niche.

    Also, infusionsoft is just a shoppingcart not a merchant account.
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    If you had a list, that would possibly be your best marketplace.

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