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Hey all,

I have been looking at some of the other IM forums around, and while there are plenty of "which one is best" debates around, I'm wondering why you guys hang at WF, and why you think it is a cut above the rest?
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    I don't think it is even up for debate, really. I have spent time at other forums before migrating here. The knowledge here on WF, the people that work together, the greatness, can not be matched! WF is a place like no other, there are places that try to be as great as the warriorforum but they're always lacking in something.

    People care about each other here. This is one business forum, that is rare in the aspect of people caring more about others than themselves at times. Ever see someone post about being short on money? I have seen a few people paypal some money over. Great place to be!
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    Yeah, this is a great forum, best one I've found. This is what happens when you spend 14 years working hard on something.
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    One of the things that stands out for me is the small amount of "me too" or "im new, plz hlp" type of posts.
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    WF is good, there is more than enough information available here to get you started (just need to sort out the info so that you are more directional).

    But I will hold judgement. A couple of threads where I asked questions have been deleted, without much feedback. There was a reply that one of the threads was self-promotional, but I haven't had an answer to the follow up question. Before anyone gets on my case, I have read and am adhering to all the suggestions offered in the sticky posts. Just not sure why the threads are getting deleted if all I am asking for is honest help (and someone is actually answering my questions). This is the thing I hate most about forums.
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    Originally Posted by tliberty View Post

    I'm wondering why you guys hang at WF, and why you think it is a cut above the rest?
    The people I respect hang out here.

    I came to this forum because Joseph Ratliff recommended it on his blog, and when I got here I saw some other names I recognised. Several of them were people who made products I had bought. And I was a little starstruck at the idea that I could, you know, hang out with them.

    Since then, I've seen a lot more people turn from newbies into people I respect and trust and, yes, buy from. And I've seen a lot of them turn into people who respect and trust and buy from me, too.

    It's really about the community. And one of the big aspects of that is the moderation, which is quite simply the best I've ever seen in the Real World. A forum this big, open to the public for this long, that hasn't been overrun by idiot users OR by powertripping moderators? Crap, I've never seen that before. It's amazing. If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe it.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Yeah, all of what you guys mention is what repels me from the other forums so far. I keep coming back here because I feel like there are folks that are both here to help, and hopefully make a little money too. I have no problem with either.
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    Wish I would have gotten here SOONER! Everything I do and enjoy on the internet is talked about in here. And there's a ton to learn too!

    Cheers Warrior Forum!

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    Because the 'Ways of IM are Strong Here' ! said in my sexy Yoda voice..

    Truly a unique Forum where the members that have been here awhile still take the time out to help which is really cool ! There is so much gold buried here in the forum, I'll never finish.. Thank you Allen and everyone !
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      The red and black makes me high.
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    It's real simple it's more of a community here. It feels like everyone is honestly just trying to look out for each other. The knowledge here is just insane. This place has changed many a lives.
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    I like the layout of the site, easy to read easy on the eye, easy to search for topics, some good information, and a lot of knowledgeable people willing to help each other out on the whole.
    Sometimes the moderation can be a bit extreme, but I find the forums I participate on outside the IM field are pretty much the same, the slightly dictatorial approach does stop these forums from going down hill.
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    WarriorForum beats them ALL, Period!

    ATTENTION: Do you wanna make up to 100$ a DAY with 20 minutes of super-easy work?

    It's never been easier. Send me a Private Message for details.
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      Originally Posted by Ghurabaa View Post

      WarriorForum beats them ALL, Period!

      Oh, Gush it out you all, how did I know this thread was going to be predictably true even before I clicked the title.
      The positiveness is just contagious.

      I would add, blackhat forum ranks pretty high too, lots of quick and easy code pastes and stuff, those guys share it all.

      Also hostingtalk forums is good.

      Remember, you can get simple, learning just one thing over and over again.

      even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there

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        This is bar none the best Internet Marketing forum on the planet!! It gets a thousand times better when you become a war room member, a lot of great free stuff in there.
        Like many others I left many times but somehow I always find my way back.
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  • It's hard to beat the Warrior Forum for free forums. I'm also a member of a great site called "Six Months From Now", but there is a monthly subscription.
    It's an awesome forum, but its not free.
    The content there is great though.
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    yeah that forums is nice, the only thing that I hate is that I bought full member , and I have to pay like 40$ for my post, and I dont know If is it worth of it
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    The activity and knowledge base at this forum is second to none. I mean, the other forums don't even come close to comparing IMO.

    This is not just a forum. It's basically the main hub of the Internet Marketing community. You won't be in IM long before you find out about the WF. Sure, there are some other good ones, but nothing really comes close to this one.
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      I tried some of the others but always come back to this forum. That's because I have learned a lot here just from reading and taking part in the threads and I know I've still got the War room to check out when I have time. I've also made some good friends and contacts on here. Plus when I want to outsource some work this is my first port of call. I also look here first when I want to buy some software, either to see if it's a WSO or to see if anybody has reviewed it here. Lots of good reasons for my at least once daily visit.
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    You posted this question here, now go post this question on the other forums and you will see exactly why.
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    This is the most active and diverse marketing forum you can find. It allows you to not only learn from the best people but also do market research. If used correctly, you can make a six figure income simply using the resources in this forum. Enough said.
    Living the internet lifestyle!
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    One word: Comradeship.

    Warriors here feel 'compelled' to help one another and quick to dispell the evil.
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    A great many people here are very helpful, the atmosphere is mostly friendly. Plus in most sections here in the forum you can learn something new.
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      I think one of the main reasons this forum is outstanding compared to the other forums is that people are genuinely willing to share their knowledge which translates to "the more you give, the more you receive" concept.

      Also, the interface is friendly and intuitive in design, in my opinion, that works well with the "Warrior" theme.
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