Can Having Pictures of Celebrities on your site get you penalized?

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One of my sites has been penalized by google. I have looked thru all possible causes for this penalty and have altered many things and submitted a couple of reconsideration requests but have still not been able to get the penalty lifted.

Now I am wondering whether it might be because of the images I have on it. I did actually pay somebody to find me royalty free images of these celebrities but now I am not sure if they are royalty free after all... they may be copyrighted.

I am not using them to make money or anything, they are more just like fan based or gossip type thing..

Could it be possible that this is the reason for the penalty?
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    I'm not exactly sure but it could be the images. Maybe the person you paid overlooked one of the images and it happened to be copyrighted. Some of those royalty free images need notification if you're going to use it. So if you like an image, depending on the terms, some require you to contact the owner or the creator of that image before using it.
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      If by penalized you mean being sued for copyright infringement then I would say yes. It's a dicey area. I mean, you might use a hundred images on a hundred sites and fly completely under the radar and then out of the blue one image gets you in trouble. Just be diligent is about all I can say and respect copyright laws. Make sure you are indeed using royalty-free images. Something else you may want to consider. It sounds as if you have a lot of images on your site. Have you used alt tags for them? Sounds basic, I know, but you can drop in Google by using images that are not properly tagged and relevant to your site.
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        penalized by google or by google adwords? adwords have his rules, and if is google ser, maybe you have only some dancing according to seo efforts...
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    you could potentially get sued for copyright issues. But here is where it gets iffy. There are many sites that get a ton of traffic that still use celebrity photos and do not have any issues. But I would recommend that you buy from which allows you to use the images without many of the copyright infringement laws

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