I'm looking for the experienced and successful IM Mentor

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I need some training/mentoring in IM. I'm looking for the high-quality mentor.

Obviously not for free, but not for some crazy amount of money either.

I have pretty solid offline marketing & sales experience (you can have a look at my personal site: Home) and some IM experience as well. I left the corporate world for good now, will do IM full-time, especially interested in CPA now, but general affiliate stuff as well, basically need to develop deep understanding of all the aspects, it's all interconnected.

I dove into all this 3 weeks ago, basically getting up to speed now. Registered with some networks (both affiliate/CPA and advertising), have VPS hosting and CPVLab.

At the same time I feel I need someone to guide me in an intelligent way. I mean I get the big picture, but I need help in figuring out how to connect all the dots together, how to optimize everything. Need someone who has a good IM industry understanding, marketing wisdom and solid business sense.

So, if you feel you would like to share your wisdom, please contact me.

I'm ready to work as hard as needed. Potentially, if the future is bright enough, we could team up for some interesting projects.

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    Hey man,

    I can tell you that the guy who has helped me a ton in andrew gotti. You can look him up here on the warriorforum. Good hearted dude who answered all my questions

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      ppv playbook has a lot of guys who are quite helpful. google it.
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    Originally Posted by vladinla View Post

    I'm looking for the experienced and successful IM Mentor
    How successful do you want them to be? How much do they need to be earning, to be qualified as "successful" for your purposes, to coach you?

    Originally Posted by vladinla View Post

    Obviously not for free, but not for some crazy amount of money either.
    Well, you can see from your answer to the question above (whatever it is) something like what the minimum hourly rate is going to be, can't you?

    You see my point perhaps? If someone's earning $15k per month, then their time's probably going to be worth more than $100 per hour, however much they enjoy coaching, isn't it? Please don't take me the wrong way, here: I'm not volunteering at all (far from it!): simply offering you the observation that wanting a "successful coach" (which is obviously sensible), and expecting it to be cheap, are perhaps mutually exclusive aspirations? Be careful. If someone's earning let's say $10k per month and offering to coach you for something like $20 per hour, then you might wonder whether "something isn't quite right" about the arrangement? Call me a skepchick, if you like, but when it comes to pricing, be careful what you wish for.
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    You might want to check out this then:


    John's got a lot of experience and is one of the most honest people on this forum.

    Gone Fishing
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      Hey guys!

      Thanks a lot for your comments & ideas!

      @ Alexa: I do realize that It's all about the balance and mutually beneficial cooperation, even if that's down the road.

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      • Originally Posted by vladinla View Post

        It's all about the balance and mutually beneficial cooperation, even if that's down the road.
        I dont mean to discourage you, but you need a reality check:
        • A successful entrepreneur would only be willing to coach you if you pay him MORE than what he's making. Why? because every hour he's used up coaching you (building YOUR business), it's an hour he's not used up building HIS business. If I made $X per month, I'd charge you minimum $X+1.
          Moral of the story: You cannot put "successful coach" and "reasonable price" in the same sentence.
        • You talk about cooperation and future joint ventures, but the reality is that you don't have anything to offer to him. He's successful, you're not. If he wanted to build future cooperations, instead of wasting his time coaching you, he'd coach an employee and, like I said before, build HIS business instead of YOURS.
        Sorry man, but I would be VERY skeptical of so called "mentors". I'm successful, and it makes NO sense from a business point of view to mentor anyone, unless the hourly rate was simply absurdly high. And no, there's no such a thing as mentors taking bad business decisions just because "they enjoy mentoring" or "they want to help and give back to the community"... :rolleyes:

        Again, I dont mean to burst your bubble, but you're simply not being realistic...
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    Just curious, but what would you consider a reasonable amount to pay a mentor?
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    Check out John Taylor

    I can't vouch for the training program as I've never used it but I've learned a lot from him over the years and he's one of the more knowledgeable members of the forum, in my opinion .
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    There are lots of thread that can help you out here.

    If you are doing some CPA you must know there are guys that are killing it with those deals, and there is a section just for this topic.
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