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Just got this email few minutes ago. And quite surprise! How this can happened, I order just 10-15 minutes after launched. So all the ordered should sold out just about the time!
This guy really rock, even he intend to do it or not!

__________________________________________________ ____

This is embarrassing. We actually sold out *before* you ordered
...and were unable to get the order form down in time.

This means that even though we've taken your money, I don't have a
product to ship you.

Please be assured this was not intentional.


(Assuming you're cool with the delay.)

We have two ways we can proceed:

1. We're duplicating a fresh batch of welcome kits now, and they'll
be ready to ship in about 2 weeks.

If you like, I can ship you your kit then and WAIT to start your
-CENSORED- Monthly Trial until *after* it ships.

This way you'll still have plenty of time to preview everything
before your -CENSORED- Monthly subscription starts.

2. I can issue a refund for your payment of -CENSORED- and you can
re-order when I re-release the promotion if you choose to do so.


If I don't hear back from you by Friday, I'll have no choice but to cancel your
order and issue a full refund.

The reason why is I'm *very* uncomfortable with taking your money
and not being able to ship your product immediately.

So it's important you give me the "thumbs up" about this delay
or else I'll have to cancel and issue a refund.

Please know this was a total accident. I had 2,000 kits printed
and logged in to disable the order page when we'd hit the 1,950 mark.
In the few minutes it took to take down the order page, we'd hit

So everyone who came in late is getting this email. I'm not
"singleing you out" or anything lame like that.

Talk soon,

P.S. In order for me to NOT cancel your order, you have to let
me know you're OK with the two week delay.

If I don't get a "thumbs up" from you by Friday, I'll go ahead
and issue a full refund and cancel the order ...just to be safe.
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    Well, it's obvious this was Frank Kern.

    And I don't think this was a clever sales trick either.

    Here's how it works. people open up the page but don't buy right away, so the browser stays open. Then they come back to it later and buy... even after the orders have been cut off. There's no way to prevent this from happening (that I'm aware of), so you get stragglers.

    That is just one possible scenario. The other is that when he shut off the cart several more people were on the cusp of ordering, so those orders ran through.


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