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My name is Jon, nice to be here. I am hoping to create relationships for fun, learning and come what may. I just started into the world of Internet Marketing with a niche in "work at home". I was advised that WF is the best forum there is to be a part of. I was wondering if anyone has any advice for a newbie? Also, can anyone tell me what a "Membership Site" is?

Thanks and it's great to be here.


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    Hi Jon

    Welcome! My advice would be to find your system and work hard at it. There is no get rich quick scheme (despite what some so-called 'gurus' would have you believe).

    And don't waste too much time on forums

    Good luck!

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    Hi Jon,
    Welcome from a fellow Floridian.

    My advice is spend some time reading the all in one threads. The search function can help you find threads dealing with specific topics.

    A membership site requires members to pay a fee to gain access to the site. Information or PLR is added on a consistent basis.

    This is great forum with a lot of helpful information. But don't believe everything you read

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    hi Jon,

    Welcome, there are a lot of folks here that can really help you, take some time and look through the site and make some new friends.
    A membership site can be several things, it can be free or paid where members join to learn and get products or services In a particular subject area. The warrior forum is a wealth of information so get to know some folks that share interests with you.
    Take care Jon.
    Dennis Howard
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    Hi Jon,
    The membership question was already answered so won't clutter up the thread with the same answers over and over.

    best advice I can give you don't buy anything that promises to you 6 figures overnight....period.

    Stick with one niche, in your case "work at home" and don't waver from it. Distraction and trying to do a million things is the biggest "dream killer' in Internet marketing.

    Also understand that in most cases it takes a LONG time to make money online, don't have the get rich overnight mentality, it will cause you to fail and fail miserably. keep open to training programs and courses but make sure they are from legit marketers. You will learn who the "good guy" sellers are soon enough.

    Good luck, and feel free to PM me with any questions you may have about the forum or IM and I will try my best to answer them or at least try to dorect you to a reputable resource.
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    There is an "All-in-One" thread about Membership Sites. It has some good stuff in it. You could start browsing there then ask more specific questions if you can't find something.


    Good luck!

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    Hi Jon,

    Welcome to WF!

    You ask about membership sites? Are you thinking about creating one, joining one or are you just curious?

    A membership site usually works with either a one off or regular fee.

    The one off sites tend to be, as was mentioned before, PLR sites which offer information which you can use to make your life easier. These sites tend to be more generic as they cater to people as a broader group.

    The sites, like ours, which charge a regular fee tend to be more versatile sites which constantly update content to depending on their members needs and requests.

    If you are interested in some 1-1 coaching this is what we do alongside tutorials, video, text & picture. In essence we help people gain the education they need to start building businesses which will last and offer ongoing support for them as they develop.
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      Hi Jon

      Welcome to WF! It's great to have you on board. There's a lot that can be learnt with regards to internet marketing so be careful not to get tempted into jumping from one method to another. Try to find a strategy that interest you most that suits your personality, that way you'll not only enjoy it, you'll be able to stay focused better.

      A membership site is a site that you can join for a fee that coaches you in various methods and strategies with internet marketing. These sites would probably have a forum within it, where members can post and discuss their questions and progress.
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        Hey Jon, Sandy here..

        Welcome to the very best Internet Marketing based forum
        on the internet..

        You've found THE place to learn how to make and save money.

        Continue to browse this forum and you will learn a whole lot.
        Just remember, that you have to pick your system/direction
        and stick with that and that only till you have it mastered,
        and are making money with it.

        Then you can start something new. Stick with that only till
        you have that mastered and making money. Then move on again.

        You're on the right path with membership sites.
        That is what we call, Continuity income.
        It's residual income. You do the work once and get paid
        over and over again from one sale.

        You'll do well here if you keep in mind that posting "relevent content"
        will gain you a lot more friends than if you just post, "yeah that was great"..

        Well, hope this was "relevent" to your original post. LOL

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    Welcome to the forum. You can learn about memberships sites here

    Basically, they are content for pay sites. You add the content that you want to sell and people pay for membership to access the content.
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    Hi Jon,

    Welcome to WF. It's really the best forum. :-) Enjoy the staying.
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    Welcome to Warrior forum! Enjoy your stay here!
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    Hi everyone my name is Steohnee and Its my first experience to participation in the forums and really its great to be here.
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    Welcome! We were all new once so we understand where you are coming from. My advice would be to read through the forums, find something you like and TAKE ACTION. Make sure you do not get stuck on only reading and not actually doing anything.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Jon,

    Hearty welcomr to the forum and I trust that your assosciation will be a long and very profitable one.


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    Welcome to the WF Jon!

    You will learn it is one of the best IM forums on the net (and there are many).

    One piece of advice, once you decide on a method you want to approach and impliment (be it membership sites or whatever) then stick with that method and give it your all before bouncing around from one approach to the next. There are warriors here with experience in many different IM methods, so once you decide where you want to go do some research here on the forum and find those that are successful in your niche/approach and start reading thier posts.

    Good luck with your IM!
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