Steps we should take to promote our site?

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We currently have a free classifieds site and a fanpage. Our fanpage has 16K fans, but unfortunately our free classifieds site doesn't have nearly as many posted ads.

Our goal is to motivate our fans to use our site, so that they begin posting free ads. Once the site has decent volume, then we can begin advertising the things that will generate income.

For now, our immediate goal is that our current fans begin using the site, and that they invite their friends to use the site as well.

How can we do this? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Bribe them. Offer them something in return. I'm not sure what exactly, but maybe think along those lines.
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    What are you doing to promote your site now?

    It's hard to believe you have that many page fans and few actually using the service?

    Don't take this the wrong way, but, are they actual fans or fans you bought on fiverr (which are mostly useless bots)?
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    Engage your fans. Be active on that fan page of yours. Use the questions feature. Just make people feel that you aren't the usual spam fan page or like then never hear from again page. Engage them by commenting on other fan pages and update your status updates frequently, use the questions feature and give something out for free.
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    I would go with the bribe method... it also depends on how you are doing things on fan page, since it's popular, and how you do things on your site... is it similar or what?
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      Thanks for all your replies.

      I was thinking of giving away something for free for every free ad posted (ie. some software/utility). The bigger problem here is that it's a free classifieds site, so I won't be generating any income. So that limits what I can give away.

      Initially, I was thinking of raffling something nice (ipad, a phone, etc) and the main rule would be that our fans would need to bring their friends (either by inviting them or posting on their wall, etc). The problem is that there's no way for me to know who invited who to the page.

      Our fans are mostly people that clicked on our facebook ad. They saw our ad, like the image they used, and liked it. I'm not sure how many decided to be our fan based on the site. It could be the culture, but for all purposes, our fanpage and the site are two separate animals.

      We are currently being very active with the fanpage, but I recognize that we could do more (ie. the questions feature).

      If every fan could just post a free ad on our site, we'd be halfway there. Unfortunately, that's not the case.
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      Originally Posted by zamzung View Post

      I would go with the bribe method... it also depends on how you are doing things on fan page, since it's popular, and how you do things on your site... is it similar or what?
      i vote zamzung too.

      also if you dont want to use word bribe, as it looks awkward.
      you can run any sort of competition, weekly basis.

      That would really help you gaining organic traffic.

      best of luck.
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    I agree. You need something that offers real value as an incentive. maybe reward activity. or run a competition each week where either you or your members vote on who winds and give them a free banner add on your homepage
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    You want to build your BRAND .... your ad site ...

    Do this with a COMMERCIAL OFFER.

    Tell them how they benefit from posting an ad on your site.
    Simple as that.
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