Hello , I'm having trouble opening up zip files downloaded from the warriorpro

by buffblaze 5 replies

I' ve just purchased two Wsos and I cant open both zip files. Other zip files on my computer open up just fine.

Both files keep reporting being damaged.
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    What program are you using to open them? I haven't had an issues with it in the past, is this the first time it's happened to you?
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    Just a few basic things. Some zip files will open even if you haven't unzipped them, but not all will. When you open the folder, click on 'extract all files' near the top, and then go to the folder that was created by doing that. You should be able to open the file there.

    If that doesn't work, try dragging the file out to your desktop. This will unzip most files and leave them ready to open.

    Or if those don't work and you still have the download link, try downloading them again. If still not results, post on the wso topic where you bought it.

    good luck with that

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    If you're using winrar, you can try it by repairing the archive. Just click tools from the winrar menu and repair archive. I do this all the time when im having problems opening rar or zip files.
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    all of your suggestions didnt work. these files keep reporting that they are damaged.
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    If they say they are damages just contact the Warrior whom you purchased from and ask him/her to send you fresh copies. While it may indeed be possible to repair them or open them with a more advanced archive utility like 7ZIP they should not register as damaged in the first place.

    They may have become corrupted during the download, despite safeguards like CRC checking this can still occasionally happen.

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