Any suggestions on selling Valentine's Day related domain...

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I own a Valentine's Day related domain that I purchased a year ago. I was planning a project and was going to put up a site using the domain but I just ended up 'sitting' on the domain instead.

Like any domain owner, of course I think that my domain has high marketability, though I don't expect to turn $9 (my cost of the domain) into thousands, I'll hope to do better than letting the domain go for 40, 50 bucks.

Destinations for romantic getaways would probably have the most interest in the domain.

Any suggestions on how to sell a catchy domain that is targeted, BUT only applicable in the month or so leading up to Valentine's Day?
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    You could list it for sale at the Digital Point (DP) forums in their Domains For Sale section and see if you get any bites. (Free to list).

    Or you could list it at eBay or Sitepoint, but there would be a listing charge there, though you would get higher bids if there are interested parties.

    Since the site isn't developed, you may be running out of time for maximum profitability since V-Day is 2 weeks away. The new owner may not have enough time to capitalize on the site this year unless you get a quick sale.

    I would "test" the waters on DP to see if there is an interest. Just set a reserve high enough to make you happy. Also, remember that the bidders are cheap over there so if you get a $10-$20 offer, you may get more elsewhere. Elsewhere though you would encounter more listing/selling fees.

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      Thanks for your reply. Good information.
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    I agree you might be a little late but 2 other great forums for selling domains are and
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    Originally Posted by dll12677 View Post

    Any suggestions on how to sell a catchy domain that is targeted, BUT only applicable in the month or so leading up to Valentine's Day?
    Using the auction site is always a good idea, they do a rotating featured listing for $69 on their home page, a similar example of what you are looking too do was when I sold 360poker(dot)net for $200 during the weekend of the CAP Euro event in London

    Its all about the timing really, unfortunately you have missed the boat for this year with valentines day domains. However saying that, if it is a strong domain name then get it posted on some forums like acorn domains etc. and you may find someone puts an offer in.

    I'm doing some posts about seasonal domains on my blog, you can post a comment on it if you want...ranks well for "valentines domains" you might get some interest

    What is the domain name by the way?


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