Robert Planks Action pop ups and Drupal

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Hello Warriors,

Right I need to find out if robert planks action pop up script works with drupal.... any ideas? I have emailed him and got a reply.... which I did not understand. it said
It will embed into any HTML page as long as your web host can run PHP.

I dont like buying something unless I know it will work, I also dont like asking for refunds.


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    I haven't used Drupal in a long time but if I recall you have the capability of editing the HTML source like with Joomla or Wordpress. If that is so you you can embed the code into your Drupal site using their source editor.

    The other part is checking to make sure your host can PHP. You can ask them but if they have Drupal the answer is probably yes. But check first.
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    The basic thing with a "page" in Drupal is you
    can select between input formats of restricted
    HTML or unrestricted HTML. Use the unrestricted
    type and build a page with the script running on
    that page. As far as site-wide I'm not sure how
    that works exactly. I would just try putting the
    code in a sidebar or something.

    Drupal has complex things going on with it. As cool
    and powerful as it is you really need to be prepared to
    roll up your sleeves with it if you are doing your
    development yourself.

    I would ask around in the Drupal community. There
    are some very smart people there who can help you.

    Make sure you are using a browser that isn't blocking
    pop-ups. Opera, for example, blocks VSA pop-ups
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    OK magic thanks for the tips, I think I will be buying a new script over the weekend.

    Drupal is awesome much easier than joomla and way better than wordpress!!

    The themes are limited however easy to change lets hope the pop ups work


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