A quick questions about 2CO

by Patrick Pallesen 6 replies
Hi everybody have a couple of quick questions about 2CO.

I am in the planning to create a membershipsite, but do I need to buy 2CO to a specific url or doesn't it matter?

It's beause I would like to have all the things on place before I start

Kind Regards

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    Originally Posted by Patrick Pallesen View Post

    do I need to buy 2CO to a specific url

    Kind Regards

    I don't get it Patrick..
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      Originally Posted by waken View Post

      I don't get it Patrick..
      Sorry about that.

      I was just wondering when I register for a 2CO account do I then need to register the account with the domain I'm going to use 2CO on or do I just pay once to use 2CO and then I can set payment processors up on multiple sites?

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    Hi, Patrick -

    Risking the obvious here... the fastest way to get the right answer is to pick up your phone and call 2CO.

    I use them and have never had any problems.

    Chip Tarver

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    2CO requires a separate account for each domain. You shoul dhave your active page up and ready prior to opening a 2CO account. The Risk department will check yoru site within 24 hours and advise you if anything is wrong.

    You have to provide some sort of nondescript guarantee. Satisfaction guaranteed will do.

    You have to have a privacy policy.

    You cannot display credit card images except those provided by 2CO

    You must have a statement under the join link or button that states:
    2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is
    an authorized retailer for
    goods and services provided by

    You cannot use the term "buy" in your order link or button.

    Hope this helps.

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    one account can only be used for one domain. You can use the same 2CO order link on different sites, but you need pay the account fee multiple times and let them know these accounts are all for you. they have discount for multiple accounts.

    the transaction fee is higher, and more fraud than paypal.

    but, buyers from some countries, they like 2CO more because they don't have to pay extra fee. Also, buyers can use credit card directly and don't need an account.

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