Can I get a response on Get Response?

by PaulParks 15 replies
I have been building several lists with another email provider, and I've bee pretty happy with them. But I am entering a new niche, and hating to put all my eggs in one basket, thought I would look at other providers. "Get Response" looks pretty good, has a better pricing structure, and pays more in their affiliate plan. But, can they get the job done and are they easy to work with?

I'd appreciate some input from others that have used them and the good and bad you have experienced? Thanks.
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    Tried Aweber MUCH MUCH better...
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    They're very easy to work with (I've worked very closely with them on a project recently).

    They're also very helpful when it comes to getting customers onto your mailing list with as little fuss as possible.

    I'm a big fan.

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      They make great tacos!

      Err, um.......


      I mean.....

      Yeah, GetResponse is good.

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        I've only ever used Getresponse and never had a problem with them.

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          GetResponse is workin' fine for me!
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            I have worked with GetResponse and EmailAces and prefer GetResponse for it easier interface. Have not worked with Aweber, hence cannot comment on them.
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              I've used both GetResponse and Aweber in the past. Personally I only use Aweber now, but I still handle one of my client's lists and they use GetResponse.

              Both are solid and very reliable. Aweber for me just gets the edge but GetResponse is perhaps a little easier to get your head around when you're first starting... Their site is a little more 'friendly' but Aweber allows a little more control with your confirmation emails etc.

              Horses for courses - but if I had to choose one over the other my vote would definitely be for Aweber.

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                Another vote for GetResponse!

                I have used Aweber in the past and now use GetResponse and their GetSubscribers service as well.

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                  Hey guys,

                  I used to use getresponse, but switched to aweber and have no looked back. I didn't like the way getresponse are constantly trying to upsell you more leads etc.

                  At least they were, this was 2 years ago so may have changed.

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    Getresponse is great. Had no problems with it.
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    Getresponse is user friendly. It has worked very well for me.
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  • GetResponse is a great way to go. Been using them for a long time and have no complaints
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    I have an account with Getresponse and Aweber. They both have been good for support when I needed it, so it's hard to put on above the other.

    I do like Getresponse's pricing plans.
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      Another thumbs up for GetResponse. I had an Aweber account first, but my consultant suggested I switch to GetResponse as it would do everything I need for less money down the road.

      Good: easy to use and pricing.

      Bad: can't think of anything bad

      I think it is a safe choice.
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