Minisite designer + copywriter or all in one service?

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I'm about to launch my first e-book and just spent the last hour giving myself more questions than answers! Originally I didnt want to buy a sales page template, as copywriting is not my strong suite, nor is graphic design, I just wanted to pay someone to design the cover & the ads/banners and someone to write me a sales page (including copy).... now I've learned what a mini site is!

Based on your experience should I choose:

Option 1: buying template software like Flexsqueeze, paying someone to design the cover & ads & someone else to write the copy and then put it all together myself?

Option 2: Paying someone to design the minisite like Minisiteshark and someone else to write the copy?

Option 3: An all-in-one service to write a sales page?

Any members / sites / products you recommend?
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    I use this guy for minisite design. He does great work at an inexpensive price.

    I always write copy myself so I can't really help you there but I will tell you to use extra caution when hiring someone as you really get what you pay for. Some of the bigwigs are getting high 4 and 5 figures for projects so when you come across writers that are willing to do it for $100 - $200 they're likely to be amateurs or newcomers. I'd hang around the copywriting section of the forum and think about giving it a shot yourself. Just my personal opinion.
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    True Brendan, thats why I make my own investments, not pay a manager. Noone cares more about my $ than me, noone cares about my products more than me too!
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    A copywriter is critical and it is not automatic that a copywriter knows anything about graphics. Let the copywriter create the words that seduce and a use a designer to make it pretty.

    If you can only afford one - use the copywriter and use a template for the design. Copywriters are more important than web designers to the success of your site. I wrote an article about this called "Copywriter vs. Web Designer."
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