How I built a 5000 list in 3 weeks for free and made bank!

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Haha, ok the title is starting to sound like a WSO.

Ok, so I thought I’d share how I created a 5k list in just 3 weeks and made a ton of money in sales. Anyway, this is what I did. I created an info product targeting people with a specific profession. Then I created a google + account and manually added roughly 1000 targeted people with the exact profession my product is targeting. That is the beauty of google + being in its infant stages. You can do a quick search for people by profession or interests and just add hundreds of them. So, of those 1000 people between 300-400 added me back. After doing that, I stopped adding people and started posting interesting stuff on my profile having to do with the profession/occupation I was targeting (squeeze pages,etc.). Fast forward, 3 weeks later, my google + account was topped off at 5000 targeted friends of which roughly 80-90% had the exact same profession/occupation I was targeting (it was really 8k, but I couldn’t add back the extra 3k). Anyway, this was a couple of weeks ago. Since then google + has made it possible to create a business page for your site, product or brand and I have moved on to that, and I’m trying the exact same thing as I did with my personal google + account.
Thought I’d share this easy money making strategy with you guys. The best part of it is that if you’re just starting out you don’t really need a squeeze page with an auto responder. These people are already your friends so you can message them whenever you want and redirect them to your offer on you google + page.

I don't know if this will work for you but it's worth a shot. For reference, my infoproduct is about how these people can make a lot more money in their profession if they just implement some simple marketing tactics, and my product costs $97. So give it a try if you have a product that goes along these lines.

Good Luck,
Geo Masters

Additional info: Hey guys, I see a lot interest in this strategy and making a wso would be nice but I simply don't have the time, especially this month. Anyway, here are some additional details real quick. Post relevant info on your page like relevant links to other sites or link back to posts on your site. I also listed some relevant videos from youtube on my page. Remember, always make sure you are posting quality content. If you post interesting content people will comment and you should comment as well to build trust, etc.

Also, very important step, before you add people to any of your circles post a message on your profile like "Hey, Geo here! I'm the ____ business too! Looking to meet people in the ____ profession so we can network and learn from each other... would be a pleasure talk about __ with you" (you get the idea) and enable commenting (which should be on by default).
People who add you back to their circles will introduce themselves and you should respond by commenting accordingly. You want to be fresh in their mind because people will add you and then won't remember why you are in their circle, so post and introduction on you page like I mentioned so that they comment.

Ok, I skimmed the response posts and seems like some questions are about how to actually use Google +. Wish I had time to show you how to use it but that can be found on the google + site if you take your time to look it up. The only thing I can say on proper usage is to limit adds to around 500 or less a day because google + won't let you add more than that per day. Otherwise you will get an error message. If this happens just wait until the next day and add another 500 people or less.

I also read a reply post about someone doing this with twitter. I have tried this with twitter too and the strategy is basically the same. The only difference is that I'm trying to make my twitter an authority on a certain subject, so I bought followers instead so that it shows me as following 0 people and 250 people following me. The paid twitter followers is simply for social proof so don't expect any sales from that. Also, this reminds me, on google + hide how many people you have in your circles, but do show how many people have you in their circles. Once again, this goes back to social proof. You don't want people to look at your profile and think you're spam adding people if they see that you have 4000 people in your circles but only 37 have you in theirs. Be sure to delete people who don't add you back. (remember, your limit is 5000 people so get rid of the people that don't add you back because they can't see your posts in their stream anyway. After you have a bunch of people that have you in their circles make your brand page/product page in Google + and recommend it to the people that have you in their circles. Then repeat the above strategies and make some cash. Last step, make a wso out of this and cash in on my laziness lol!

Ok guys, glad to help. Busy, busy month with family and airport pickups! Won't be checking back for a while so others feel free to contribute.
Anyway,Good luck!
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