Hey Guys, Can I Get Your Honest Feedback About This Blog?

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I would appreciate it if i could get some honest feedback about the current state of my blog in terms of appearance. I am looking to sell it soon and would definately like to sell it at maximum value, so if there are anything that you feel can be done to make the site look more presentable for sale i would really appreciate it.

What you like or do not like about it?

HERE IS THE BLOG : online career

Thanks in advance.
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    On the whole I like the design of the site. You have a nice custom logo/header. The color scheme is pleasing to the eye. The ads blend in nicely, and don;t stick offensively in your face, yet they are above the fold - which is great.

    I browsed through some of the articles, and they do provide some practical information that people can use, so that is great.

    My only minor complaint is that the wording at the start of the top post on your homepage is off. It starts off with what looks like a 3 word keyword phrase "more traffic free". I think either Captilizing the first letter and putting a period at the end of free; or pulling those three words out all together will make it look and read a lot better. The rest of the article is great, but first impression last, and it looks a little 'off'.
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    Here are a few things I observed.

    1. You may have to change the icons of feed, twitter and facebook because they are too tiny and fail to create any impression.

    2. Call to action is too smudged. Your 'Read More' image makes me feel sleepy because it's fuzzed and looks unclear.

    3. The color, what should I call it, 'brown bands' are too 90-ish. Where is the glitz and glamor of an internet marketing website?

    4. The only thing that's popping out of any single post or on the home page is the 'Only Wire' image. Make a custom image and place it rather than the default icon.

    I might have been too harsh by saying these, but I wanted you to know.

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    @DarrenHaynes @imsirigiri

    Thanks for taking the time out to review my blog, i appreciate it. I will keep your suggestions in mind.

    Best regards.
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  • Profile picture of the author sanjeevkumaar
    Dear nicolas , Your blog is looking all over good, But you can make your twitter, Facebook and feed links more attractive.
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    The layout of your site looks nice. The posts and pages are well organized. However, the only thing I would change is the sidebar.

    There's too much going on there- Recent posts, Popular Search Terms, Forums latest activities, and more. Find out which of those widgets/sections are most relevant for your visitors and leave those in the sidebar. There's too many links there right now which can confuse visitors.
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  • Profile picture of the author tomers
    I would update the gradients to look more modern
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    your blog is looking nice, just make it Facebook, Twitter, Feed links more attractive. images of them is not clearly visible.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ricky Dawn
    I would try not to resize images with HMTL or just stretch them in photoshop. They do not look very professional.

    For example:

    'The most read' title
    The twitter banner at the top
    The social buttons

    I would also change the color of your links, on the right under 'Most Read' its hard to spot a link.

    Other then that it looks good!

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  • In my opinion the only thing I would change or modify is the (Brown) BAR at the top, would make it the same width as the information you have on the page and the font for the Recent Post, Most Read today and categories, they look very jumbled almost looks like code in a program, O and I would change links into Links just to conform with the rest of the heading ... Hope it helps
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      You should remove the blue link borders from images.

      I think there's too much happening on the right hand side too. I'd have a column at either side.
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  • Profile picture of the author sbucciarel
    The theme is boring. Looks like a free theme and the brownish/red bands across it are not really nice looking.

    Your ad in the sidebar is blurry. You need nice crisp images for ads.
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  • Profile picture of the author Padou
    the graphics are poor cuz and the theme is weak
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