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Hey guys, I recently acquired a position with my company to handle our Online Marketing and Social Media. I've been doing IM for about 2 years now. I wouldn't say I'm a veteran by any means but I've learned enough to get this promotion.

I want to have all my bases covered and do the best job I can do. What I would LOVE is for you guys to shoot me some ideas that I haven't thought of yet to improve our company. If you need more information on what our company is about, visit Buck Commander or Duck Commander. Both sites are the same company and we make hunting dvd's, tv shows, appearal, hunting supplies, etc. What I have down now for "improvements" are as follows:

1) QR Codes on our packaging (Back of insert cards and maybe packing slips)

2) Promo codes giving a first-time customer 5-10% off their NEXT order

3) Bi-weekly polls to build our mailing lists. "Vote in our poll and be registered to win a _____ signed by ____!" (Opt-In boxes as well)

4) Free ground shipping for purchases over $XX amount

5) Weekly, non-scripted video shorts giving our fan base a more personal relationship with our main characters and employees.

That's all I got for now. Any other ideas or improvements on current ones would be greatly appreciated and thanked accordingly. Thanks a bunch guys!
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    For something like that I would think about using an SMS service in addition with or opposed to email marketing. 92-97% of text messages get read within 5 minutes where email open rates are generally a lot lower. A simple message like "use discount code HUNT on any orders within the next 48 hours to receive X% off" could be effective because it doesn't require a smart phone or any type of advanced knowledge of technology. You'd probably be a lot better off by sending a text when you have a new DVD or any other product to launch too.

    I would think that you could get some cheap clicks for PPC too but obviously I can't say that with any certainty.

    The sites look great by the way.
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    Thanks for the idea Brendan. I've never done any SMS marketing before but I'll be sure to look into it.
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