Chargeback reversal from paypal! It is possible!

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Hello all,

Just writing you to tell you about an interesting experience I had over the past probably about a months time.

Any way,

I had been selling WP 4 Beginners on my own just through digiresults and my site.

Any way, I received a typical message from paypal saying that the purchase was an unauthorized transaction. I was not satisfied with that because the buyer did not even come to me for support.

Any way, Paypal said i had 10 days from their initial hold to make my case. So on the 10th day I simply posted a note saying that the buyer did not even ask for any support, did not schedule her free consultation.

And a few days later(today) I received a message from paypal, I looked in my account and sure enough! There were the funds! They reversed their reversal!

Just saying dont give up... You could be right on the edge of a success and not even know it.
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