Anyone want to help me beta test this?

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So I built a little viral Twitter app that I'm hoping to release this weekend if I can get the User Manual written in time. (There will of course be a WSO.)

However, I thought maybe some Warriors wouldn't mind helping me beta test it a little first.

The program works sort of like viral friend generator for Twitter. You offer a free download or something and then the program has options so that you can...

Require a visitor to follow you on Twitter
Require a visitor to post a prewritten update to Twitter
Require a visitor to have a certain number of followers
Require a visitor to refer a certain number of people before the get the download

There are also some other options that I'll post more about in the WSO, however if you want to get a sneak peak and help me beta test it, I would really appreciate it.

Homepage: EZ VTwit Pro Sign Up
Admin Area: EZVT Pro Admin
Admin Login: admin
Admin Password: password

If you have any thoughts let me know.

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