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Stuck? Niche ideas, new products ideas, domain names, ideas for articles / blog posts - here's something from my ebook to help you get "un-stuck"...

Idea Generators

Lycos Movers and Shakers => Lycos 50 - This Week's 50: Yes We Can!
Alexa Top 500 Movers and Shakers =>
Google Suggest => Google
Media Finder => Search the Largest Online Database of U.S. & Canadian Publications and Catalogs
Pew Research => Pew Research Center
Pew People/PRess => Pew Research Center for the People & the Press
Amazon Bestsellers => Bestsellers: The most popular items in Books. Updated hourly.
WikiSuccess => Main Page - WikiSuccess, be the Best!
Barnes and Nobles BestSellers =>
43 Things =>
Squidoo Top Lenses => =>
Ebay Pulse => Top Searches =>
Yahoo Recreational Hobbies =>
Google Groups =>
Yahoo Groups =>
Google Blogsearch =>
BlogCatalog =>
Google Catalogs =>
Yahoo Buzz Index =>
Technorati Top Searches =>
Mailing List Database Search =>
Thesauraus, Dictionary, and Encyclopedia =>

Answers, "How To" and Self Help

Terrific for niche research, plus you can participate and get a backlink.

Yahoo Answers =>
WikiHow =>
AnswerBag =>
How Stuff Works =>
So You Wanna? =>
eHow => =>
Yedda =>
Tips and Answers =>
Find All About Report Generator =>
VideoJug "Life explained" =>
"Early To Rise Health, Wealth, & Success Ezine" =>
"MyGoals" pre-made and customized goal-attainment =>

Copywriting, Blog Posting Ideas

101 Blog Posting Ideas =>
"10 Killer Post Ideas" =>
"23 Great Post Ideas" =>
Copywriters Library =>
Hard To Find Seminars =>
Hard To Find Ads =>
Copywriters Library =>
Winning Headlines => http://www.ultimate-online-swipe-fil..._Headlines.htm
Gary Halbert Archives =>

Trends & Market Analysis

Google Trends => Google Trends
TrendWatching => Previous Monthly Briefings
Google Insights => Google Insights for Search
Google Insights Support => How can I use Google Insights for Search? - Google Insights for Search Help Center
Quantcast => Quantcast


Browsing through directories can be surprisingly useful to discover and explore categories and niches, both by seeing who is there and visiting them.

Open Directory Project => ODP - Open Directory Project
Yahoo Directory => Yahoo! Directory
Big Boards Forum List =>

Random Name Generators

Interesting Facts

Amusing Facts =>
Strange Facts =>
Interesting Facts =>
Nice Facts =>
General Interesting Facts =>

Have fun!

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