How many products at the begining?

by zonkow
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As a newbie how many products should I promote in my website ?
Jus one is ok? or several ?
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    What kind of website is it? Is it a review site? I assume you are affiliate marketing, so I think it would be wise to start by promoting just one product at a time. Much easier for testing, tracking and modifying your ad campaigns per the specific products you are promoting.
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    Depends on what type of website you have. I suggest the products you sell is a product you believe has quality and value. You'll get more sales this way. One is good but it won't hurt to have more than one just make sure you don't promote too many. Since you're new, start with one.
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    More important than which product or service you choose is whether it's something your audience will choose. That's a very subtle distinction, and it something most marketers never learn.

    Okay, let's jump ahead and say you've got the perfect product/price/copy mix. What then?

    Develop a more comprehensive product list for buyers at different levels (skills, knowledge, needs) and different price points. This is when your sales and profits will explode from a few sales a month to a steady stream that continues to grow each and every day - assuming you're still working hard on quality, focused content and quality, focused traffic.

    I'll grant you it's easier said than done. It absolutely, positively will NOT work if you're still thinking and acting like an employee, for example.
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