15 Reviewers Needed For A Report On Product Pricing

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Hi Folks

I've just completed an 80 page report on PRICING, which covers all the factors you'll need to consider before deciding your product's price point, and I'll examine things such as the psychology of pricing, and various pricing models you can copy. (I also deal with six pricing "myths" that I often see brought up on this forum.)

I'm looking for about 15 reviewers who can (a) see if they can spot any glaring errors like spelling mistakes, and (b) give me an endorsement, assuming they like the report.

I plan on launching a Warrior Special Offer next week (around Wed 4th February), so I'd ideally like your review by then.

Please let me know on this thread if you're able to do this, and if you're one of the first 15, I'll send you a copy. (Please be patient, since the Private Message system requires a 300 second wait between each message sent out.) You'll also receive a copy of the final version once it's ready.

Also, I should point out that the report doesn't have a title or graphic cover just yet. (If you can think of a title, I'd love to hear it!)

Thanks again, folks!
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