Flippa? Are cheap sites worth it?

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I never really bothered with Flippa unless I was looking to buy a website that was fully established and bringing good cash already. So far I havent bought a single site but I keep my eyes open for a good deal (in the range of 10'000$+) but I still need to learn a bit more about all this before I make my move.

However, Im a bit exhausted of building new websites lately, doing most of the work by myself and I thought about Flippa to outsource this part. There are a lot of cheap websites sold that are looking good and filled with good content so would it be easier to just buy a new websites on Flippa and simply modify it up to my seo standards? Any reason why I should go through the entire process of registering and building a site from scratch every time I try a new niche when you can get tons of different niches on flippa fully built and ready to be ranked and requiring little modifications to start with?

I see this as a base site that you simply adjust to your liking after buying it (better articles, better seo, add more content etc..)

Would it save me some time or are most websites on Flippa simply not worht it and requirering too much modifications? (Im talking about the cheap ones, like 150$ and less). Any of you doing this?

I'm really looking for a way to oursource the building part of my websites as I dont have time for this anymore, any ideas or people to recommend?

PS: I was thinking about hiring one of my cousins (who can't find a job and dont know what to do with is life) and teach it all to him so he could build them for me but right now this might be a bit too heavy for my IM bugdet..
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    Yeah i feel there is a mindset in place two phases.

    The one who research an take the time to build the site an rank it half way so-so..

    #2 are the guys who increase traffic an monetize it. (Conversions etc)

    I think they both see things in a different manner an is better too.

    Its sometimes a little tough to do both yourself at times i feel.

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    It sounds like you've already convinced yourself it's a good idea. I see nothing wrong with getting a pre-made site and then improving on it. Take a look at eBay for ready-made sites too. You can get them there VERY cheap. Good luck.
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      Originally Posted by travlinguy View Post

      It sounds like you've already convinced yourself it's a good idea. I see nothing wrong with getting a pre-made site and then improving on it. Take a look at eBay for ready-made sites too. You can get them there VERY cheap. Good luck.
      I used to offer custom sites on eBay as one of my primary sources of income. Then the "EARN $10,000 A WEEK!!!!!!" sites came in and started to put a dent in my business. After that came the 99 cent sites which are nothing more than a trap to lock you into a hosting plan. (Not to mention, the exact same site is sold over and over again.)

      That, in addition to losing my "Top Seller" status because I didn't meet the required # of sales (even though I surpassed the required earnings) made me leave eBay.

      It is REALLY STUPID that someone selling 99 cent scam sites can be ranked as a top seller simply due to volume. While someone like me, who charged more and had 430+ positive feedbacks & 0 negatives, is no longer considered a top seller. And if you're not a top seller you may as well give up since your listings are buried on page 10.

      eBay is a complete mess and just terrible to most sellers.

      Anyway, rant over.
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    Personally I'd never buy a cheap site from anyone without taking a long look at its linking history. A lot of these site owners have used aggressive link-building strategies and tools and have seen their sites get hit with penalties. Then they dump them off on flippa for someone else to worry about.
    You could sink a lot of time and energy into a 'tarnished' website and get nowhere fast, whereas starting from a clean sheet at least gives you the knowledge that you don't have a bad reputation to try and undo.
    With bigger sites showing some trading history.... that's a different matter.
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    Its possible but not easy.

    I generally follow some very specific rules when purchasing websites of this nature;

    Decide on your maximum purchase price. This can be as low as $100 but any amount upwards of this is fine.

    Choose sites which are made using WordPress. With very little training and experience, such sites can have content added, be modified or changed and they have thousands of themes and plugins to make them look and operate exactly as you require. This cuts down on the amount of work required to maintain the sites each day.

    I would always avoid websites which have domain names which include trade names or celebrity names. Such domains will attract the trademark owner and they will have no hesitation is taking legal action against you which can include giving them the site and domain!

    I also choose sites which have more than one income stream. You don't want to simply rely on one income stream. Many people have fallen foul of this one, such as buying sites which generate income from, say, Google AdSense, and then falling foul of Google and finding that the income dries up overnight.

    I prefer the sites I buy to be at least one year old. Income claims are easy to falsify or increase substantially over a small period. Having sites which are a year old means that they should have a sustained income over this period of time.
    It's also important to select sites which are interesting to you. it's no use picking a site on guitars if you have no interest in the instrument. Always select sites which interest you, this makes it easy to stay focussed.

    I take my time with due diligence and check;

    claimed income and costs
    claimed traffic and links
    site content
    the seller
    scams and tricks

    If all these check out then I will move to negotiating the deal and add the site to my portfolio and increase my earnings!
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    Quality answers so far guys, thanks a bunch
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    Any kinds, as long as I find some personal interest in the niche. I would prefer just finding someone that can do the basic for a cost and then I take it from there. Ranked site are not really worth it for me right now since I can rank them by myself fast enough for minor fees.
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    Nothing wrong with the idea as long as you do your homework and check the feedback of the seller and check copyscape to make sure it's unique content. Also check the seller's selling history to see if he just sells clones over and over again. You can get PLR sites cheap and promote them and add unique content so there's no need to buy a site on Flippa that does not have unique content.
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