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I'm still new to online marketing and I take so much from this forum ( sometimes its like i'm in a college classroom when I enter this forum). This my attempt to give a little back. What I noticed is when ever I create a wordpress blog and forget to ad a comment spam blocker I get a ton of spam comments. WHat I noticed is that people are spamming my niche blog with links to their niches. I find a niche out of all the spam I may be interested in or have experince in and create a better richer website. I'm sure many of you have thought of this, but I thought it was a good way to find a niche you may have never thought of.

Happy Holidays....I'll be working on some new website.
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    Nice. There's been times that I've thought that I could do a much better job at something than what I've seen but I've never thought of using spam links that way. Considering there's no shortage of comment spammers you may have just revealed a goldmine for niche ideas.
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    Can't you just take of the comment section or just don't allow anyone to post.
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    Here's a neat trick if you already have an existing website with some traffic: check your server logs and see what keywords people are typing to get to your website (most web hosts provide this information).

    I went to two Xmas parties last weekend and jotted down how many niche ideas I got from just asking total strangers and people I knew what their interests and hobbies were. In fact, it's one of my favorite ways to get new niche ideas.

    Another cool way to get niche ideas is to simply go to Google and type in phrases like:

    "How to......"
    "How to fix......"
    "Ways to find....."
    "How to solve......"
    "How to grow....."
    "Ways to improve....."

    You'll come up with a ton of ideas!

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    yeah those questions are good ones to ask. especially how to fix, how to solve, how to improve!

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    Thanks Rod and Him! (how do you "thank" someone in this forum?)

    Great little ideas. Rod, I believe that there is a WP plugin that will do something similar for you... can't remember the name, but I used it. I think the plugin had the word "spy" in it. Gave me great ideas for new content.

    Him, great way to make lemonade out of lemons!
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      Originally Posted by WarpedMind View Post

      how do you "thank" someone in this forum?
      Use the "Thanks" button
      It's at the bottom right of the post, the last one in a line of four buttons.
      Write System - superior web content
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        Originally Posted by John Coutts View Post

        Use the "Thanks" button
        It's at the bottom right of the post, the last one in a line of four buttons.
        Ah, I see... apparently this button is visible only when there are 50 or more posts for that person, from what I've learned. That's why I didn't see the button when I looked for a way to thank someone. Thanks John.
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    By the way, thanks to Mark too.
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    Just shows you how out of the box thinking can help. A lot of folks get really annoyed that people spam their blogs. (Not me! I would never do such a thing. ) But by taking a look at who's spamming you, you can get some great ideas.
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    lol, this is great idea oh how to get different ideas for new niches. never really thought i can get my ideas from spammers!

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