Selling .info, .us, .biz mini website on flippa

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Good day warrior,

I am doing a research on .info, .us, .biz domains. I have been going through sedo and flippa and i observe that these domains are not really selling at sedo. But of flippa i see some people buying website with these TLD. I dont know if anyone has observed it. I will like to know what you think about the .info, .us, .biz domains? If you find an exact match keyword with any of these TLD, do you think it wise to purchase it? Because i have found a place to get these domains mostly two words, some with exact keyword with atleast 1000 searches/month and the minimum age of the domains are 3 years. Do you think this could be a good investment if i decide to build a mini website and sell them on flippa? lastly, have you ever brought any website with these TLD? and what factors can make buy them?

Please am looking for get your opinion.... any suggestion will be appreciated.

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