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G/day Warriors

I need if I can get some clarification on the use of Royalty free images in video, I am thinking of using some in a video series and would like to use them
my only problem is that when you read the TOS of most Image sites Its whole another language there

So without opening a can of worms on this one lol , does anyone who has made a video using say "Istock Images" tell what Lic I need to have

Cheers Jason
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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      I would think that depends on which site/service you got them from. I was just reading the legal agreements at and and they're actually quite different.

      Your best bet would be to review the legal info on the site and then email them for clarification. Make sure you save their responses in the same folder as the video so you have it for future reference.
      Thanks Big Mike , that was going to be my next port of call to email them

      Cheers Jason
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        Originally Posted by heartnote View Post

        In many cases, they will never find out if you use their image. However if they do, it would cause a big trouble (such as getting billed and stuff).
        Respectfully Getty make a very good living out of using rather clever software to find out exactly who uses any images they own. They also don't come after you to "Bill" you, they screw you over for lost revenue and it's not pretty.

        My point being, in a lot of cases they will find out and I can assure you, it's better to err on the side of caution on this one, especially when giving advice like that on a forum like this.

        Wibble, bark, my old man's a mushroom etc...

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          I'm gonna chime in a second what Richard said. The horror stories you read about people being sued for thousands of dollars for the illegal use of just a couple images should give you pause.

          Don't risk it.
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