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Sigh....all of a sudden I got reminded of why I quit doing this the first two times I tried. This is my third year trying this. This time...more successful! Today marks 1 month since I've signed up with Internet Marketing Bootcamp by Jeremy Kelsall. Although, I have already made four times my still gets frustrating trying to wait for article approvals. I want to continue learning so I can apply whatever works best for me.

This forum is full of great information...great offers. But the more I research and try to get into detail with different strategies....I realize there's sooooo much information out there. It's overwhelming!

My suggestion to newbies like me...when you get to the point where you feel like you are burnt out and about to give up, take a break!!! Even if it's a long break....relax and clear your mind. Go back to work the next day to give yourself some time to "miss" work.

I know this can get really frustrating and overwhelming, but it's just like any new job or going to have to learn how to do things and get the hang of it before you can start to cruise through projects.

Personally, in the past month I felt this way twice. I took a break, grabbed some ice cream and watched a movie with my son. The other time...I baked some cookies, brownies, and a yummy chocolate cake!

BUT....I promise not to give up...and you shouldn't either!
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    It is overwhelming and can seem like a big hill to climb

    Let me encourage you with this. When I read this forum I do learn alot but always feel technically out of my depth. I do not have a WordPress Blog or Twitter or do a bunch of other stuff I see talked about.

    I realised that for me at this point anyway the learning curve was too steep and I wanted to get on and earn some cash.

    So for the last few years I have worked in way that are simple for me ... in fact quite elementary.

    And guess what I make money every single day and am loving it.

    So hang in there and use what you got and what you know.

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    Thank you! I know I can do it...and anyone who try can do it too. I guess sometimes I get stuck dreaming in la la land...and then i feel like my goals are so far ahead. Each sale makes me feel closer...even if it is little.

    It's easy to want to do something new....and I know i just have to try and stick out one at a time.

    Mangozoom....did you just start in june 08 or is that just when you joined?
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    I'm a newbie myself and I'm starting to get overwhelmed. I did have a couple questions. #1 how do you create a thread on this forum? #2 Does anyone know where I can find just 1 lead capture page for minimal cost or direct me to a site where I can create one myself. Also, I'm on a very tight budget and need pointers on marketing for free-if there is such a way. I appreciate the input, and thanks for the thread its very informative

    To Conquer Yourself is a Greater Task than Conquering others.
    Link to facebook:

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    Hi Theresa

    It can be pretty overwhelming! I'm a newbie to IM and at first it was really tempting to book a couple of months out and just read this forum... there's certainly enough information here.

    What I have done instead is begin taking action. I'm sure I'm making some mistakes along the way and I'll probably look back in a few months' time and cringe at the things I'm doing now... but I'm learning as I go. I'm actually coming into the forum for an hour or so each day INSTEAD of watching crap TV and just reading more posts, learning new things... so hopefully I'm improving each day as I implement what I learnt.

    When I'm feeling overwhelmed, I always try to connect with like-minded people... either by visiting this forum and reading some success stories or calling my mentor. Taking my dog out for a walk always clears my head and energises me too.

    Good luck!



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      Being frustrated just comes with the territory I think. Especially when your still trying to get it all figured out. What seperates those who make it and the ones who don't is being able to handle the frustration and not giving up. You sound like your good to go in that department. It's true though, that if you work through it you'll get there! When your first starting out it can definatly be a slow process, but as you build up the things you are doing, learn more and you get more and more content out there (provideing your doing it in the right way) the sales and money will become more consistant.

      Soon you'll go from waiting for your next sale to being upset when you only make $30.00 for the day. Then the figure just goes up from there. Before you know it, if you didn't make $100.00 for the day you get a little mad. Just keep following what Jeremy and Don have taught you in their bootcamp. As you keep building, you will begin to see the results.
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    In answer to you question I have been doing internet marketing since about 2004.

    Got more serious in 2006 and rejoined the forum in 2008

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    Hi Theresa

    Your so right about taking breaks when your head is at the point it's about to explode! Information overload can be a vicious circle, you want to learn something, you do some research and before you know it your totally burnt out with new ideas.

    Like you, I have found the best way to deal with this is to step back from it for a while. Go for a walk, take a few days off and go and enjoy yourself. You can then come back refreshed and focused and most importantly take action on what you have learnt.

    All the best
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      Hi Theresa,

      There are a lot of us newbies about, and I think that we all must suffer from information overload.

      The biggest problem is getting carried away with different threads that you tend to follow, and not staying focused on the task in hand.

      I would get bogged down and some times walking away and taking a break was the best solution.

      I also found that I would wake up at some unearthly hour with my head buzzing with ideas, and if I didn't get up and write them down, I would forget about them.

      I have just finished my first product this week, an eBook, and to some degree the pressure is off, that is until I start the next project.

      Whatever you do you must not give up.

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    Originally Posted by Theresa_wahm View Post

    Personally, in the past month I felt this way twice. I took a break, grabbed some ice cream and watched a movie with my son. The other time...I baked some cookies, brownies, and a yummy chocolate cake!

    I don't know anything about you beyond this post (I've probably read some others in the past, but don't remember), so please take this advice in context.

    Food never solves anything. The idea of "comfort food" leads to obesity.

    When you start feeling overwhelmed or helpless, a movie (really nothing more than a temporary escape from reality) is one thing, but a much better solution than a pan of brownies is a long walk. If you leave your MP3 player at home, it's even somewhat meditative and you might be able to use the time thinking through your problems to find some solutions.
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      There is always something to be doing

      Don't worry about waiting for the articles to get approved, Theresa. It's going to happen when it happens, right? Start doing some of the other things you know you should be doing to get long-term traffic.

      Or if one niche is getting stale for you, jump into another one

      Send me an email if you need help with anything specific or if you just need someone to kick your ass for a few minutes....or even a pep talk
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        I understand the op's point of view...I am a newbie as well, and I find myself in very deep water...So much information. I do spend about an hour a day reading on various tactics and techniques, so that when I do launch something out there i will semi-know what I'm doing. I am working on launching a blog and doing some article marketing. Got set up with aweber, had my old domain name transferred to hostgator, and have some other ideas...I just keep pecking away at it...and eventually it will start rolling.

        A mentor...that's a great idea! Are they listed under "chew me out then pat me on the back" in the yellow pages? (seriously...that was a joke!!)
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    Sometimes its better to log out of your brain for a day or so to clear the mist
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    I love information overload.lolz... No need to go for long vacation, just try to "do asap" what you just read or learned to prevent mental debate; which causes info overload(IMHO).

    Design your IT Network here. Whether it's hosting business, internet marketer with its own server, I'll be able to help you.

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    Keys to sucess:

    1. write your goals down
    2. focus on your goals daily
    3. take action daily, do something towards your goal daily
    4. Persist, Persist, Persist
    5. Learn something new every day.

    And the most important is:

    6. NEVER QUIT!!!!

    Do these and you cannot be stopped
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