Case Study: Selling on Craigslist for a Profit

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Many people get so caught up and making a quick buck online that they forget the tried and true methods that have worked for ages.

Use your marketing skills to buy and sell items that people want to get a profit.

Apple products are ALWAYS in demand. With the success of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod everyone is dying to get their hands on an Apple Mac computer.

What is great for you is that they are looking to by the brand not the product.

Here is what I did.
  1. Went to eBay and bought the first generation Intel Mac Mini to be released. Bought for below $400.
  2. Used it as a server for a year.
  3. Stopped using it and decided to get rid of it.
  4. Posted on Craigslist
  5. Used copy and graphics similar to:
  6. Got TONS of offers.
  7. Told responders that the demand was greater than anticipated and would sell to the first person to offer $400.
  8. Profit

NO ONE on Craigslist is doing copywriting when selling their items. By doing this you set yourself apart from the rest.

Some quick tips:
  • Always use a good post title
  • Always include images
  • Include brand logos
  • Always state your contact information multiple times
  • Use HTML to use colors and different font-sizes
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Always include a P.S. restating your offer and contact info (Please always read the P.S.)
That's it.

Hope I inspired some of you to start buying and selling on Craigslist. It's a good way to practice your negotiation chops as well as a way to quickly see how well your copywriting performs.


P.S. You should really use a P.S. People can't help but read these.
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    I find in many categories, Craigslist is only effective selling lower price, under $50 items. I know there's exceptions, but thats where I have had success. Selling a $400 older pc I'd say isn't as likely to sell at all. maybe the 'collectors' aspect had something to do with it.
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    I have difficulty in my ads sticking. I've given up with Craigslist though I know that people that are geared up for it do well.
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    I've sold all kinds of little stuff on Craigslist, but nothing large. I have a huge, amazing professional printer that would do wonders in someone's office, but can't seem to give it away. However, I sold an open pack of diapers that my little one was allergic to for about 70% of the buying price (diapers aren't cheap....). It's amazing what sticks and and what sells, and what doesn't generate interest.
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      For several years now, my wife has been selling items on CL with good success. She averages about $200 - $300 a month selling items on a very part-time basis.

      Items you sell for less than $40... moves pretty quickly.
      * Brand name toys.
      * Old TV
      * Old Computers
      * Old Laptops
      * Strollers
      * Bassinets
      * Playpens
      * Brand name clothes

      These are hot items that turn fast for the past 3 years.

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    electronics go hard on Craigslist I never have a issue selling this type of stuff. If you can find a way to grab items for the low then you will make some money there. Think yard sells when looking for items as they just want to get rid of the stuff.
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    I think it's more apple appeal than craigslist in your case. I once sold a cannibalized macbookpro on ebay for 5 times what I expected. Rebuilding it even using ebay parts would overshoot the price of a new unit
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