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Hello! After recently landing a job doing customer support for one of your Warriors (I am not @ liberty to say who! j/k), this whole world of IM opened up to me. I've read quite a bit recently on the profession, and I think I am ready to begin.

I am wondering if there is anyone here on WF who I could go to for questions, to bounce ideas off of, etc - a mentor, more or less. Lately, I have been thinking about my "niche", and I think I may have come up w/ something interesting and profitable. I would like to jot down my ideas and see what an experience person has to say about it!

Please PM me if you would be interested in helping me.

Thanks bunches and happy holidays everyone,

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    I wouldn't be surprised if you're contacted by someone who wants to offer you their full services for a fee... with that "fee" being around $10,000. All you need is alot of traffic and the right product. Are you familar with ways on how to get traffic to a website?
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    So isn't your new boss someone who can help? Are you reinventing the wheel or have a brand new product you feel has potential?

    If it's how to market online you have reached the best place to learn. If it's a new widget you think you may have I may be able to help as I have been down that road.

    Feel free to email me as both our counts are to low to PM.

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    Just go through all the threads in the forum you will find some jewels and finally one day you will get an idea then just implement it and make $$.
    USA Bank Account + ATM Card for Non-USA Residents Service PM me
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    Start reading this forum for a half hour a day. Try some of the things you learn, and some of it will work.
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    Good Mentors that knows how to duplicate themselves and their success usually have a set of videos where they explain what you need to do. They also give you the opportunity to ask questions about your progression.

    The critical part is to find the right mentor:

    The right mentor will maximize your learning curve that's why you need a one on one coaching WSO.

    I would look at different WSOs within this forum and look at the comments from WF users that are involved or registered to those specific WSOs. Than I would look at the Internet Marketer's profile that promoted that WSO and see if he has a good reputation throughout the forum. More often than not, a reputable Internet Marketer member to WF has more than one offer (WSO). Nothing is stopping you to look at all the comments and critics to all the WSOs so that you'll have a better idea of the Internet Marketer's (mentor) reputation.

    There's many WSOs that gives one on one coaching. If you do what you've told and focus on one successful strategy long enough, you should be able to meet your goals.

    Don't spend more than 497$ for WSOs and, many times, you can get coaching for a lot cheaper.

    If you're not technically incline, that shouldn't stop you. You can always hire great tech (Web-designers...) at very cheap salary from the Philippines or India. They can help you a lot getting faster towards your goal of replacing your income.

    Good success!

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    Feel free to bounce ideas off of everybody here in the forum. There's tons of free info available also that's already been discussed on many different topics.

    Also, if you're not wanting to pay the high dollar of professional coaching, if you find a WSO that is related to your desired methods, most WSO producers are willing to help you get results with their methods if you have invested in their product.
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    Hang out here .... I am learning a learning a lot of good information here , a lot of great people erady to help out if you ask specific questions.

    As for mentoring pease follow folks putting out products and coahcing , check their track record and success and one who you think would be a good match for your liking....

    good luck..

    whatever you do be focused, commited and consistent.. do not go after the latest shiny product . hard learnt lesson :-(
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    If you add me on Skype, I run a Mastermind Group full of Warriors. We chat about IM, answer questions for each other, that type of thing. We will also be doing free webinars within the group to help everyone learn from each other.
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      I'd like to connect with your mastermind group...can you send me a private message if you are interested? thanks!

      Jaime Jay

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    I have just over 15 years of marketing experience and have owned my own advertising agency, but as far as I can tell, this forum is full of awesome knowledge. Just keep looking around and interacting!

    Jaime Jay

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      The information on this forum is very helpful. I have been active on the net for 6 years now, but I still get very useful information here.
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    Like everyone else has said, you can usually find all of your answers on this forum. If you are looking for a mentor then you can usually buy a WSO and get support with it if you have money to invest.
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    You probably don't need a mentor. Just know that traffic + conversion = sales. The more traffic you get, the more you'll be able to monetize your internet business. So work on becoming a traffic expert. Once you have the traffic, you can host all kinds of income models.
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    1.Create squeeze page and install autoresponder 2.Start build email list 3.Focus on one traffic method
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