How to design a professional website using microsoft frontpage

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Follow this simple steps to build yourself a stunning website using microsoft frontpage.

Go to start, choose programs, click Microsoft front page

Choose file, New , page orWeb

Click on empty web icon and ok

Click on ‘create new normal page’ at the top

Press control + S(or go to file and click on Save As)

Type index.html in the dialog box

Click ‘ change title’ in the dialogue box, type the title of your Web site, click ok.

Click save

Click on view, then click on Navigation

Right click on the homepage icon(your website title), choose New page(you can repeat this process many times to the number of pages you wanted)

Right click on each of the new pages, choose Rename, type the name of the pages you want(e.g contact us , about us etc)

Click view and click on page

From here, you can continue to design using your own format or you can use the Front page format (Template) as you continue

Go to Format, choose Theme

Click " apply theme to all pages, choose the theme you want

Click ok and yes

Go to Format, click "Shared borders", choose " Apply to all pages" Select " top", "include Navigation Buttons” and “Bottom"

Click ok

Double click on "Edit the properties for this link Bar" to display hyperlinks here. Choose "child pages under home" click ok

Type in your text and insert pictures


In navigation view, double-click index.html to open it in view. Front page opens the blank home page that was created from the website template.

On the insert menu, click file. Front page display the select file dialogue box. Here, you can insert web page, word-processing documents, text files, and other documents on the current page.

In the select file dialog box, navigate to the ‘my document’ folder if it’s not already showing.

Click the file named homepage imports your previously saved home page to the current page.

To save the current page to your website, click save on the standard toolbar .


On the insert menu, point to "picture" and then click "from file" FrontPage displays the "picture" dialogue box

Next to Look in select the hard disk (c drive)

Select " My documents"

Select any of the options and click insert

Press ENTER to create a new line


Choose and highlight what you want to use DHTML effect on

Go to format

Choose DHTML

Choose an event and follow the steps


Type and Highlight the text you want to use as marquee

Go to insert

Choose Web Component

Choose Marquee

Click Finish

Click OK

Click preview to see the effect of Marquee


With Tables, you can ensure that your site has a good look and alignment of pictures and text.

Go to Tables

Click on insert Tables and determine the number of columns and rows

Place your text graphics inside

Right click and choose Table properties. Under Border size, choose O


Save all your work

Click the publish icon

Enter the destination of your web, that you are publishing to e.g.

If you see a dialogue box, click publish

When requested by a dialogue box, enter your username and password.

Editing Your Site
- Make sure the computer you are using have Microsoft Frontpage and is connected to the internet

- Type the name of your site and press enter key to log on to your site.

- Go to file and click on ‘Edit with Frontpage’

- Give the username and Password and then click ok

- After adding what you want to add , click save to effect the change, do this to all the page you add something to.


Two things are important in building your website and placing it on the Internet. They are:

1. Website Hosting

2. Domain Name.

Website hosting is the web server which contains your website data. A web server is simply a computer that is permanently connected to the Internet and has been setup as a machine with the sole dedication of serving web pages.

There are literally thousands of “Web Hosting” Companies in existence that have dedicated machine stored in dedicated secure network locations around the world.

There are free and paid “web hosting” Companies. The difference between free and paid website hosting is that in free web hosting the host occasionally place advert on your website while that dose not happen in paid web hosting. You also enjoy other facilities in paid web hosting.

Domain Name is that which point to your web server / web host. This is the ::: YOURNAME.COM :::. Your buying domain name dose not mean you automatically have your own website. You must have a web host that host your website data and the domain name is just to point to your web hosting.

So, for you to have a website, you must have a web host which contains your website data and the domain name which point to the web host and make your website to be seen on the Internet.

You have to pay to register a domain name. You can register for domain name with,,

You can get some web hosting and Domain Name registration. Come by checking their adverts in the daily Newspapers.

Two of the sites that gives free web hosting and domain name (Sub-domain) are www.netfirms and Go to, at the bottom of the site you will see free web hosting , Click on it, then you will start to follow some service of instructions to create both a free hosting and a sub-domain name.

Click on the check button that is for Sub-domain, type the name you want, uncheck anything that have to do with paying money and filling any information required. Your username and password would be sent to your email address you have provided during filling the form.

This Username and password is what you are going to give when you finish your site and now click publish icon to lunch your website for all internet viewer to see.
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    I skimmed it and it seems like a pretty nice tutorial. Pictures would help, but that would be a little difficult to add into a post. Thanks for sharing this. Do you have a link to Frontpage though? You just start off saying how to do things without giving too much information about Frontpage itself. How much does it cost? Also, how does it compare to XSitePro, Dreamweaver, and the other choices?
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  • Profile picture of the author Dave777
    Thanks for the informative Frontpage tutorial...

    But keep in mind...
    Frontpage discontinued - Google Search

    You'll need to purchase the new MS expressions and find hosting that will hopefully support it...

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      Thanks for the detailed steps. I'm sure many of us here will found some good ideas in it.
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        There are lots of critics to the use of Frontpage, particularly from professional website builders. They claim the code is bloated. I don't quite see the point of writing concise code. Today's is so fast that a bit added code makes no difference.
        For instance, my page CUYABENO WILDLIFE RESERVE is about 65kb. It has lots of graphics, the page - and any other on my site - opens in under 2 seconds.
        Frontpage bashing seems a bit self serving. The costs of code writing is rather inefficient as compared to wysiwyg, so one is paying a lot for a product that can be made more cost-effectively in FrontPage.
        The software still is a very useful tool for lots of people who need a website.
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          FrontPage was never a professional web development software and was never meant to be. It also requires special features from web hosts - and they charge extra for that.

          Is FrontPage even available today?

          Professionals use Adobe Dreamweaver or WordPress. There are a few less popular others as well.
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