What Percentage of Amazon Buyers Write Reviews?

by HarryS
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Hey guys,

I have been looking for an answer to this for a few hours and can't find much. Are there any websites, hard figures or rules of thumb on what percentage of Amazon buyers write reviews?

For example, there is an external hard drive that have 27 reviews. I look at the reviews and they are extensive and long (and don't look like fake reviews). From that number of 27 can I estimate how many sales that external hard drive has had?

And are hard book buyers different when they write reviews compared to physical products? Are they more likely to write reviews compared to a person who bought an external hard drive?

Thanks in advance,

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    Here is a web site that gives an estimate on How Many Amazon Kindle eBooks Are Selling Based On Sales Ranking:

    Kindle Sales - How Many Amazon Kindle eBooks Are Selling Based On Sales Ranking

    You can take those numbers and compare them to the sales ranks of different products and see how many review they have.

    From that you can guestimate What Percentage of Amazon Buyers Write Reviews.

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    I'd say a small percentage. I'm a seller on Amazon and only about 5% of buyers bother to leave feedback, which makes it difficult to overcome a negative comment. I've bought 957 items on Amazon since 2001 and I've left 53 product reviews. I tend to review the products that I really love or really hate.
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