How to buy a script? legal side of ownership...

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I am going to buy a PHP script which is a clone of a relatively famous web site.

It there any documents that need to get from the seller to be able to use it legally?

I want to make sure that I will not be sued by someone after I set up my web site

Thank you
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    People in general here are very careful about giving legal advice, just thought I'd let you know, so don't expect to much.

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    It really wouldn't matter what the seller tells you. If he says "Here is a copy of CNN and you have my permission to use it." that won't matter. He wouldn't have the right to give that to you.
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    If you read the terms of service of any serious website, you'll usually find a clause that states no part of its design and/or content may be reproduced in any form or fashion. That includes creating derivative works of the website as well. But a lawyer can help you work out copyright-able gui issues if you want to go down that road.
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      Thank you for your answers!

      Is there any standard form of a contract for my situation that I can find on the Internet or somewhere?
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