am i the only one with a problem with this!

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Just a quick rant, but I have personally unsubscribed from over ten peoples lists today!!! I belong to plenty of lists as I like to be up to date with what's new, but can't believe so many people send promotional emails on Christmas day!!! Fair play to the more respected warriors list whom I'm on, they sent happy Christmas messages which is how it should be, but the others all started with happy Christmas and ended with a "you have to check thus out" link!!

A very easy unsubscribe for me! Anyone else think this is a problem? Or perhaps its just me! Would love to hear your opinions!!!!
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    Some of them just think of the list as people to sell stuff to, so it wouldn't even occur to them that those are real people and may want more than to be lucky enough to hear about the latest and greatest thing they can buy.

    nothing to see here.

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    I would unsubscribe too.

    I do actually get on my computer on Christmas day and check my emails. What I really want to see is that all the lists I m signed up to give me something for free today - certainly not try to sell me something.
    If they did try to sell me something I would unsubscribe.

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    I agree with you guys, it's a bit rude and I guess that relationship building has a low priority for these people.

    Sad Really.
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    Not only Xmas, but also 2011 was a slow year for many companies and therefore some are doing the "extra mile" at this time of the year
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    I'm only on one IM list; and I don't think I have received an email from that person today. I guess I just know how to pick 'em lol. Trying to sell on Christmas day is a bit excessive though. I mean, how could they even think that such a method would be effective? I'm sure there are many who don't even check their email at all.
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    Those are generally the types of people who are all about the list and not about building a relationship with the list. If you make people feel like they are always being used, you won't have a list much longer
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    No buddy, you're not the only one! I unsubscribed from a guy's list who was whining about how breaking up with his GF made him so miserable. It was a really long email too. At least there was no link. But still, I refuse to be on a guy's list who can't handle being single. Well, that and I'm in a really crappy mood!

    Merry Christmas!

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    Some people have 200 or more emails in their autoresponder that they just let it run itself. So while an email to you on Christmas may make up upset, the marketers' view it as a regular email that is just in the cycle.

    Some marketers really do email on specific dates, but the majority of email marketers just set it and forget it.
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      I suppose it depends on the marketer. I am on about 5 lists that I will always be one just because I really respect those guys. The rest of them, I suppose it depends on the whether or not that marketer was already on the cusp of being unsubscribed anyway

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    Receiving promotional email on this special day (not special to everyone) may encourage your fingers to tap the 'unsubscribe' button! That said, not everyone who sends out a message on this day is promoting something!

    cheers, Patrick
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    i got an email from an affil manager who told me things convert better the day after christmas...
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    Originally Posted by louie6925 View Post

    A very easy unsubscribe for me! Anyone else think this is a problem? Or perhaps its just me! Would love to hear your opinions!!!!
    For me, I learn at least one or new thing after reading 10 emails. It doesn't matter at all, let them to tell anything as they wish, and suck what's useful for you.

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