Best use of microsites to sell my own tours?

by seo999
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Hi Guys,

Firstly, I am new to building websites but I know a bit about SEO.

Anyway, instead of using microsites to sell other people's stuff, I want to use them to sell my own tours.

A lot of my sales to main site come via organic searches (mostly Google) and the sale of most tours are generally an impulse buy. I am looking to increase traffic to my main website from the information microsites.

Does anyone have any tips or reason why this would not work?

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    Microsites in the way you want to use them are way to much work.

    Build an authority site, build a list and up-sell tours to those on your list.

    Use landing pages on your site for each aspect of your tours and market the hell out those pages.

    Then use forums and social media to drive traffic to those landing pages.

    For example: If you have a tour for snorkeling you'll visit snorkeling forums and so on, then when someone asks about where to snorkel you reply without spamming. They click on your signature which says something about your snorkeling tours.

    You do this on all your social media stuff.

    Think long term and in a year or two, you'll have as much business as you can handle.
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    Hi SiteMarty,

    Thanks for your reply, sounds like great advice and I intend to do this as well. I have just learned how to do microsites but I do not have time or experience to build an authority quickly enough. However, I have found through my first micro site, the keyword I was aiming for got to 2nd page on Google within 6 days of going live. It took me 3 days to build the site and I expect to get it down to 1 day per site. I only plan on building around 10 micro sites in anyway for my main keywords. So I reckon these 10 sites might take me 2-3 months then I will start working on the authority site.

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