How do you guys make your squeeze pages? Best free tools?

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I have zero HTML skills.

Want to make a decent looking squeeze page that I can easily change around to do a bunch of split testing.

I saw a WP theme called Optimize Press and it looks badass, but it's about a hundred bucks... too rich for my blood for now.

Any good free tools/tutorials on this? I've seen loads of free templates, but I think I'd need to know some HTML/CSS to make any significant changes right?

I thank you in advance for any advice you've got. It's my first post, so show me some love!
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    Yes, I have Optimize Press and can recommend it for when you have the $$$.

    Aside from that there are some good list-building WSO's that include templates, and of course step-by-step instructions (some with 'over the shoulder' video). Might cost you $7 or so, but still a much cheaper option.

    In case you (or anyone else) are not aware - a WSO is a 'Warrior Special Offer' and there is a whole section of this forum devoted to them. Don't spend too long in there though, or you are likely to leave with your pockets a bit 'lighter' :p Most of the information in WSO's you can find elsewhere on the forum for free.

    If you do look around in there you will no doubt find some free WSO's too, or you can join the WarRoom ($37) where there will be plenty more free stuff available.

    Otherwise, search youtube for 'squeeze page tutorial'.

    All the best with it,

    Before you do ANYTHING else in your day - do at least ONE thing that brings money into your business.
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    If you have the time or the inclination here is a link to the best html videos on the net- clearly explained step by step and a joy to listen to.
    html for beginners video training
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      Excellent, beautifully designed squeeze pages are constantly given away free in the War Room...
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    You can use Artisteer to create your own templates. About $49 I think.
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    pretty much just grab a squeeze page you like and open it up in a html editor like kompozer or dreamweaver.

    you just edit what you want and save then uploaded to your server and your good to go.

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    i can offer you lots of quality help for way way less than a hundred bucks, if you have ten bucks to invest in learning everything you need to know about how to make great converting squeeze pages, no code experience needed, you can learn how in less than an hour, just go over to my blog and click the contact link under my header, or leave me a comment if you are interested, also, once you learn this you can teach others, knowledge is good

    Done Vida, Carpe Diem, Live, and Live Well :)

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    you can use a script that automate it Sale Page CMS ... it is very good and simple to work with
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    I forgot the exact site but you can find some free ones by typing into google something like: free download squeeze page template
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    Link your domain to a weebly account and you'll be able to make gorgeous squeeze pages for free. You just need some photoshop skills if you plan to make the cover of the report and all.

    There's also (similar to weebly) but I don't recommend it because it makes flash websites.
    Making Money without Websites
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    Hey mate,

    I use optimize press now

    But I HIGHLY recommened you check out --->

    You can get a set of quality plr squeeze templates for about $1 or $2 - its amazing value! Just have a search through for "Squeeze page templates".

    You could also sell them or give them away later. Too easy!
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