Young Warrior - Train me to be a big grasshopper!

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23 years old
8-12hrs a day availability online
3 computers
"Skid" Hacking experience/Knowledge
SEO + Internet marketing basic knowledge
Improving my grammar
Very good with numbers

Looking for someone to take me under there wing and help me out.

Websites i've helped out with...

Have A LOT of spare time, and no job. I'm looking to monetize online, and gain a reoccuring income so I can go to school and still pay the bills and provide for my daughter.

If this is the wrong section let me know, as I'll be purchasing Full Membership soon and can do the "Hire" posts.

Thanks in advance guys, Really love all the knowledge and expertise i'm seeing here.

Also, i'm ready to travel
#big #grasshopper #train #warrior #young

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