Can't find WSO that offered MRR PDF conversion software

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Hi Warriors,

I hope this isn't offtopic, but I would like to ask if anyone can direct me to a WSO that I saw only several days ago, but now cannot find no matter how much searching I do. Even looking through my browser history, etc., I just can't locate it.

The WSO in question offered a MRR software title that converted documents into PDFs. I believe the price for the WSO was around $10.

Thanks so much for any help.

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    You can convert documents into PDFs using MS Word.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks, but I do know that Word will convert to PDF. What's up is that I saw a WSO for what seemed like a cool little app that makes PDFs (with a MRR deal), and I thought maybe it would be a good little item to sell cheaply to people who don't have Word (yes, there are still some out there). I don't mean to sell to members here, of course, as we here all know about the Word thing. It is just something that I wanted to read again, and when I went to find it, couldn't find a trace of it.
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