Am I doing this right? First time newbie here! Need suggestions to improve website

by RMPV89
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Hello everyone. I just want to know if I’m doing this whole marketing thing right. I’ve been at this for several days now and I’m already seeing a lot of progress in regards to traffic, but I just want to make sure if I’m following the right path. I’m sure you guys can understand, since you were all new at this at one point.

About a week or so ago, I decided to start my journey into Internet Marketing by signing up to a free online program called The Challenge, I’m sure many of you have heard of it. It is based on modules that allow you to move at your own pace (well, sort of). I learned A LOT through their videos and I also downloaded the software they used called Market Samurai.

After hours (literally, hours) of brainstorming and writing down ideas on a piece of paper, I found a micro-niche of interest to me, but that still wasn't enough. I still had to make sure it was profitable. That was the hardest part for me. I mean, to find something that I would find interesting to write about, with the potential of bringing me money AND which hadn’t been thought of by other people? (Competitors) That sounded impossible. But I did it. At least, I think I did.

According to Market Samurai, the micro-niche I chose should earn me over $200 if I get ranked first on Google. It has been a week, I took some days off from watching the Challenge videos due to a busy schedule, but I continued to add content to my site. I’m currently on the very top of the SECOND page of Google for the phrase I chose. That isn’t too bad in my opinion. I’m receiving about 5 to 11 views a day. Only earned about $0.05 this whole week. I’ve submitted articles with links to my site to directories such as E-zine articles and Squidoo. So far, it has helped a little but not as much as I hoped. I guess I just have to continue to dump more content into these and other directories in order to make my website “stronger”.

I have followed the Challenge criteria to the letter. I have kept the number of competitors low and focused on a higher phrase-to-broad keyword ratio. So far so good. I think?

I guess I should describe how I’m monetizing my website. Without delving to deep into the micro-niche or my exact domain name, I will try to explain. My site contains health-related content and centers on medicine and lifestyle improvement. It is aimed specifically to those who have lost their gallbladder for whatever reason (gallstones, cancer, etc). I have six text-based adsense squares positioned strategically over, below and at the sides of my main content. Inside the content, there are ads to products related to the gallbladder on They are all linked to my Amazon affiliate and Adsense accounts.

So far, four people have clicked amazon ads, but none of them have purchased anything. =/

I have written about 6-7 articles on my site. I plan to write another one today. They are filled with keywords that I got from Google’s very own keyword tool. I’ve also made entire posts based on the keywords that my organic traffic searched for to find my website. If they searched for those words, I guess others could too?

Like I said, I’m fairly new at all this and I just want to know if I’m doing this correctly or not. I’d love to hear suggestions on what I could improve or change. Anything I’m not doing? Or that I may have missed?

Thank you!
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    Welcome to the forum! Seems like your doing everything right... You may want to try going on forums/blogs related to your niche and posting VALUABLE content with your website in the signature. This will provide backlinks and a flow of visitors if done right. Hope I help
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    You are definitely doing the right thing. It sounds like you have an interesting product to sell. Here are a few tips:

    1. Brand yourself as an expert - write a quick 2-3 page ebook about the issue your product is solving and what is the best way to solve it (avoid promoting your product..but include links to your product in it). Give it away for free on your webpage.
    2. Add your site to a few article directories such as Squidoo, HubPages and Ezine. You can use snippets of the ebook and just paste them there. That is to get you more backlinks and credibility.
    3. Make sure you have a blog on the site. Then, go to blog communities to talk about your blog (i.e. bloggers, bloglog, blogcatalog)
    4. Add your blog on technorati as well.

    Those are just the basics that will get your pages to rank higher. The most important thing is to create value and you can always do that by talking about the problem and alternate ways to solve it (that will help them improve their condition by a little bit) but for significant improvement, your product will always be there to help them.

    Ping me if you have questions, good luck.
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    It looks like you're off to a good start. You can write some extra articles and submit the ezinearticles and submit your site to and This will help you get some additional traffic.

    Also, you'll need to get more into backlinking which I'm sure will be covered in the course you're in. Try building a squidoo lens at Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo and a page on HubPages and pointing them to your site. Those are a couple good sites but you'll notice that their are endless possibilities to creating backlinks...Just take it one thing at a time and don't let yourself get pulled into too many directions at once.

    Good luck!

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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      Thanks guys!

      I knew I would find people here that could help me get better. I need all the advice I can get.

      With that said, I just checked the SEOT (SEO Traffic) shown on Market Samurai for my current phrase and it is showing as 18 which does not fit the Challenge criteria. Meaning a site ranked #1 on Google for this phrase will only get 18 clicks a day

      I should have been more careful but I guess I was focusing more on the low competition and Phrase-to-Broad keyword ratio. I'm still getting about 5-6 views a day. Not bad for a week-old site.

      The following is the info Market Samurai gives me for my phrase:
      SEOT: 18 (Daily Clicks)
      PBR: 55% (phrase-to-broad searches ratio)
      SEO Competition: 27,500

      Do you guys think this is a profitable niche or should I start thinking on working on something else?

      I guess I just want to use all my effort on something that I know will work. If you get what I mean. Any advice?
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        Any suggestions/advice on how to continue with my current niche based on that MS info above? Bump.
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    Honestly that seems a bit thin for a main keyword. If that was a supporting keyword, I'd sag include it...

    "TAKE ACTION" is the first thing everyone tells you and then they leave it at that. I'll add a second part: TRACK EVERYTHING" - It's the only way to ensure your ACTION leads to results.

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      Hmm, I'm not sure what to do now. What would be an ideal stat? I mean, in terms of Market Samurai. I guess I'll have to start over. I'm really ambitious and I'm trying to get this right the first time. Sadly, I know that can't be achieved. Mistakes are part of life. Without them, you can't learn. Since I already paid for the domain name, I think I'll just keep it to see if anything comes out of it. But I'm going to think of other micro-niches that have much more potential to become profitable and successful. Thank you guys for your input.
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    Don't sack it just yet. You've only been at it a week, definitely give it some time! Are you targeting just one keyword? If so, try and find other keywords that you can rank as well. If you are on the first page of google for a bunch of related keywords, then you will start seeing traffic and making money.

    Definitely work at it a bit longer. Getting the success you want in 1-2 weeks is very rare with affiliate marketing.
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      Hello Bridget, thanks for the advice! I guess I'm just rushing myself, not sure why. I've noticed most of my organic traffic is coming from related keywords like you said. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? For example, my main niche is based around people who have had their gallbladders removed, but a few who searched for gallstone information and treatment somehow managed to find my site. I'm thankful for the page views but is that really what I need?

      I'm definitely going to keep working on my website. Is there a way I can add any of you to a live chat or a messenger? I'd like to be able to discuss this further in real-time via MSN, AIM or Skype. That would be great as I'm learning so much. I need more advice on other things as well. It would just be awesome to have a tutor or mentor of some kind.

      But yeah, definitely going to give my website a month or two to see what happens. I'm preparing an eBook like Hatking said to give away. I'm also curious to know what Wordpress themes are most used for micro-niches like the one I have?

      Thanks again.
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        Here's my take on this.

        Medicine/health/ lifestyle for those with a health condition (gall bladder, cancer as mentioned)? Very very tough to succeed without being a known expert in the field. I personally would only trust information on this topic from a well known medical site or agency. I say it's because if you have no training it will be plainly obvious in your site and materials.

        Also, don't start a business based on what a piece of software says. Go with what you love or you'll never have the stamina to continue.

        Google is only one part of the equation. Social media should be given equal if not more attention.

        Free mentoring will be worth exactly what you pay for it.
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    always change the search type to be exact match, not broad or phrase.. I took the challenge 2 years ago, it was the thing that motivated me to go to IM.. Ed is a nice guy but I had to leave the challenge and go my own way since they flooded my email with their products every few days.. I really didn't like that approach, but what they offer for free is Amazing , and they way they do the videos, u will learn alot there
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      Heres a quick scheme i use to get the best authority backlinks and hence improving my sites ranking!
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      Happy ranking!!

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