press-releases for SEO nonsense? results of experiment.

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every now and then there's a new WSO telling
me how incredibly awesome and powerful
press-releases are.

Tons of backlinks, tons of visitors, and you can
even build linkwheels, etc, etc, etc.

So, I submitted a press-release with webwire
(the paid service).

Here are the statistics according to webwire:
  • Page Views: 5960
  • Click-Throughs: 33
  • Page Prints: 2
  • Sent by Email: 0

Now, if I Google certain strings within the press-release (in quotes), I get the following results:

  • part of the headline in quotes: 20400 resulting pages
  • part of the description (the summary) in quotes: 3240 resulting pages
  • some text in the first paragraph that contains my first link in quotes: 9 resulting pages.
  • some text from the resource box with a link to my homepage: 6 resulting pages.

a measly 9 pages contain the text which in the original press-release had my link in it. and ONLY ONE (1!) has the link active, all others have stripped out the html!

6 results are 'complete' and contain the entire original press-release, however only ONE had the backlink to my site intact (incidentally the same as the one that had the first paragraph intact).

Ok, on top of that I of course have the original article on, so it's a total of 4 backlinks from 2 separated IP-addresses.

Worth $24.95?

I'm not so sure....

So, what's YOUR experience with press-releases?
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    I have only done manual submission of press releases. It is part of my SEO tactic. I def. get more live links than that!
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    You are probably going about it the wrong way, a lot of people have had huge success using this press release for back links and traffic. I am sure a more experience person will get to you soon.
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    It depends on who makes your press release.
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    I am not surprised one bit.

    Personally, I think Press Releases are over-rated.

    Think about it. Any technique that is packaged and monetized is by default "on the way out" in terms of effectiveness as soon as it "hits the market".

    Additionally, there are so many "Web Scraper" bots roving the web that I have had to continually lighten my scripts just to ease the burden on my server.

    Bar far the majority of these strip the links and synonymize your content. Most of them you will not find because they have been changed beyond recognition.

    Personally, I believe that the rise of SEO is pushing things back offline.
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    I've always wanted to do press releases but not for SEO persay...

    I wanted to do PRs for branding and exposure purposes.

    I don't think PRs are very effective for SEO (with respect to cost)
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    Press release still great strategy especially when launching a product or new website.
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    I don't use press releases for long term SEO. Don't get me wrong they do have some long term value, but the way I use them is to jump to the top of the first page of google for a day or two for competitive keywords. This brings me an influx of traffic and more $$$. I don't do this every day either although you probably can.
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    I have had great success with press releases. I never pay for a service for their press releases, just all manually on the free listing sites. You can get 30k syndicated, sure a lot will strip out the backlinks, but all you really want is a few strong sites to carry them. After a couple weeks, do a bogus press release and link back to maybe 1 or two of the top sites in the index for your strings and they will eventually get some nice PR.

    It definitely works for exposure and branding. It helps with SEO as well. At least in my experience it does. Build some back links to your press releases that keep the link.. it will help much more.
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    Originally Posted by VeitSchenk View Post

    every now and then there's a new WSO telling me how incredibly awesome and powerful press-releases are.
    Every now and then, I try to remind people what a press release really is.

    You are writing a story to be published in the news media. It will be picked up by reporters who are on deadline and need to submit something fast. They do not have time to muck around with it; the press release needs to be ready to print as-is, potentially in excerpted form where they only take one or two paragraphs, and written on some subject a reporter is likely to be expected to write about.

    If it needs editing, or sounds too self-congratulatory, or is overly promotional, or nobody is writing a story about that right now, your results will be crap.

    Your job in a press release is to save reporters time by writing the grunt-work story they don't care about, so they can concentrate on the one that might win them a Pulitzer. Most press releases that don't perform well haven't done a good job of that.
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    I don't think that your specific experience was worth it, but you can't count out press releases as a whole.

    If you were a big brand, getting exposure out to almost 6k people is worth it for 25$, however for a marketer who needs clicks etc, its probably not.

    The context in which you do it in is very important.
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    Cheapie and free press releases aren't much good for anything. Occasionally they might hit a decent venue but more than anything they provide keywords and adsence space for the host sites.

    But press releases can be very beneficial, especially professionally produced releases snail mailed to legit publications along with radio and TV. If properly written you can get a lot of juice out of a release sent to offline media. The thing is, you need to relate your online venture to something relative and topical. In other words, it needs to be newsy and pertain to current events.

    Legitimate stuff on how to make money online is perfect these days because so many people are out of work and making ends meet is a daily topic in the news.

    TV, radio and newspapers will pick up well done releases that appeal to their readers, listeners and watchers. If you want to go this route also be prepared to have a media kit with pertinent info about yourself and your project or product.

    Media kits used to be costly slick paper presentations but now you can create very nice kits in PDF and stick them on a CD that accompanies your release.
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    Even if you're using Press Releases purely for links normally snagging one from PRWeb or one of those types of services end decently. Just make sure you pony up the extra cash for the anchor text link - it's worth it.
    I run a Reputation and Brand Management Agency out of Baltimore, Maryland.
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    Come on guys, what you are talking about are not even press releases....

    If you write something and submit it online for back links, how the hell is that a press release? It's just a re-badged form of article marketing.

    Most people don't even understand what a press release is. It's a standard protocol for getting news outlets to write original stories about your information and broadcast them to their audience - it is not a tool for back links.

    I worked as a television news journalist for over a decade, and wouldn't ever have gone online to find a news story. I would have relied on the stories that dropped in my inbox or came through my fax machine in the form of a press release.

    I now own a press release writing and distribution company, and you will NEVER find my putting your press release online for back link purposes, as that isn't what a press release is meant to do.

    However, what you will get is real human journalists getting to see your news story, and follow up calls to rattle their cage and get them to run a story or feature on you. That is SO much more credible than paid advertising.

    Want an SEO for back links? Don't bother - it's no different to article marketing.

    Don't call it a PRESS release if the press are not even involved......


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    • Profile picture of the author David Sneen
      We all want visitors. Whether they come from search engines or other sources does not really matter.

      If you are going to do a press release, why not do it right? If it gets published, it will be the bonanza that gets positive SEO ratings and customers. Plus, your customers will be motivated, as they already view you as an expert. So, it only makes sense to create the press release a journalist will want to grab.
      David Sneen
      It's what you do when no one is watching
      that determines what you will be able to
      do when everyone is watching.
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