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Hey all
I haven't been active on this site much lately.
I am unfortunately one of many who has tried IM and has Failed
I tried for a couple of years different thing and nothing worked.

Yes I did suffer from Shiny Obkectsyndrom and got easily distracted.

I gave up at the beginning of the year and instead got myself a job doing webdesign and some freelance work in the same area and working on learning more about programming.

I want to be able to make money online and from home

Over the years the only thing I did that worked was CPC and CPA offers.
I did this with three companies
One failed completely
One was a twitter CPC campaign and was great really easy to use and returned a 10-20% success rate
The only problem was i couldn't geo target so lost a lot of clicks that way

I also tried the big G.
This went well at the start and I made money but I had issues with QS and the fact that they are cunts.

So I am going to try again and CPC (and media buys) with CPA is the way I want to go.
I know it is risky but I have money to invest and want to give it ago

I want it to work so bad
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    The truth is that in IM you don't have much to lose except time, so good luck to you. Small investments can yield big results if you know what you are doing.
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      This time you will be a bit smarter. Abe Lincoln had someting like 15 epic failures before becoming president. You are allowed to fail and learn.
      David Sneen
      It's what you do when no one is watching
      that determines what you will be able to
      do when everyone is watching.
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    I wish Good Luck to you.
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    The old adage "You never know until you try" springs to mind. Be like Thomas Edison ... if the face of failure in getting a light bulb to work, he said, "We now know 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb."

    Obviously he eventually succeeded. So good luck on YOU being successful also!
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    I completely understand where you came from. I've been in the IM world for nearly 7 years now (Yep, I just joined WF but this is actually my 2nd account ). First 3 years was a real pain as I spent so much money but nothing worked so I did give up not once but twice.
    But in the past 3.5 years I've been making a full-time income with all the knowledge I gained over the years.

    Now i look back and the one biggest reason I was not successful in my early IM career comes to one thing and one thing only... "Not believing in myself that i can make it"...

    At the end of the day, the IM success is NOT about finding a cool method/technique/software/system... It's your "belief & passion to succeed"... and always ENJOY while you're working on it - that's very important.

    Once you get that part right, then you can try out a few things first but once you find something that works and you can enjoy doing it, all you gotta do is stick at it.

    It took me over 3 years to realize that but it does not mean you should wait for 3 years like me

    Good luck!
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      Webskipper is right belief in your self is number 1. Now you may ask that's all well and good how do you get that belief. There are a number of ways the best way i think is to get out there and try different things and see what works for you.
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    Thanks for your support
    I am doing some research now and will start in the new year
    I am also launching a brand new site that e hope will be quite big
    I am the designer and operater of the site there are other people doing the marketing of it.
    That is they priority but once up I will get started again with affiliate marketing
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    start a blog, post every day for a year. Then you will have something that will bring you traffic each day. Just stay focused on doing this one task every day.

    Get the Top 11 Millionaire Tools and 7 Of them are FREE
    >> Yes Get Instant Access <<

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    Great to know you've no given up. May 2012 be the year of your breakthrough.
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    Shiny objects... oh yes... Internet Marketing's FILLED with 'em. You get one good idea in your head, ruminate over it, and then you - SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!

    I hear ya on that

    But hey. You have CPA in mind. That's the route ya wanna take? Awesome.

    So what is your Intent? Formulate one, one sentence. "My intention is..." and something like "promote X number of CPA offers from Y networks per day/week/etc" Very rudimentary I know, but you get the idea.

    You say you have money to invest, which is good. You're going to need a little bit of that.

    Don't go batsh*t crazy in the WSO section (or on other people's sites in general for that matter). You don't need a million-dollar guide on site-flipping, etc, if that's not part of your initial goal. However, you do need a solid guide - pick up one, follow every bit of it, go from there.

    I highly recommend Jeremy Kelsall for that.

    It's an Act of Will to do this. You know what you want to do, now make it happen. Drinks to your Success!

    In all that you do, know your True INTENT...

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