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I know this is kind of a legal question and not everyone is a lawyer, but any advice would be appreciated. I know its ok to rewrite articles and stuff as long as you make them unique, but my question is about rewriting something else.

I want to take a certain body workout from online that someone sells in PDF format and then create a video of that workout and include it in a paid membership site.

I asked this question on two different lawyer forums, but got 2 different answers.

I am guessing there is some sort of law against it. If that is true how much do I have to change to make it mine?

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    it's kind of not legal question, but also ethical question... I think you can do it without getting punished or something like that... . some people mind for being rewritten or stolen like that... but I've heard some rich internet marketers don't even mind their products or stuff being shared online... they don't care, because they're already rich...

    Think about it yourself... You have the answer

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      If people are paying for a membership to your site, maybe you can think up your own workout without stealing someone else's.
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    If does not protected with copyright, I think its ok. not sure.
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      You know how many different workouts there are and different variations of each workout? I say just change a few reps and sets numbers and your fine. I wouldn't worry about it, make the video's like it was a workout you learned from your grandfather who was a champion in the 20's :-).
      I mean if every personal trainer had to come up with a unique original workout, I have a feeling we would all be doing some freaky weird exercises right now.

      My opinion anyway,

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    It should be okay so long as throw in some useful new ideas of your own.
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    I would run with it. There really is nothing "new" in the physical fitness field in the last 100 years with the exception of the devices we use. The devices only mimic or improve upon natural form.

    If you site only deals with natural form there really isn't anything anyone can do about it. Spin it to a final product and ask the lawyer again.
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