Aticle Writing Original Content Percentage ?

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I am reading a lot here about article spinning and original content

Given that it a difficult task to come up with something completely original particularly on a common subject like Children
What is a safe percentage to base any spinning activity ?

Is it 20% different or is it 40% different ? Or is ther a number to which you can work with some degree of safety ?

I need to produce ( or have produced by writers ) several thousand articles for a major project and whilst I have employed an in house journalist I need to speed up the process by using some contract outside writers so I need a safe yardstick to work by

Anyone wanting to write and specialising in Childrens area should send me a private message prefer native speaking English please
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  • If you are hiring writers, amount of duplication allowed: 0%. Unless, writers quote someone or probably common English usage can be pardoned.

    Some of my warrior friends will stand by 10 to 15% duplication too -- but that depends and is best suited for short term stuff.
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