Leaving Glowing Reviews on Their Own WSO

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ok i've found my newest pet peeve.

when someone creates a new account on the WF so they could post a "genuine" glowing review on their WSO.

man this really gets me. today i found 2 such instances of this occurence.

poster with 0 posts prior posts the most glowing review of the product that just reeks of over-embellishment.

am i allowed to reference the WSO threads in question to show you guys? or is that against the rules?

i think behavior like this needs to be exposed.
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    I'm sure that if you use the "report post" button (on the left side of the post, under their member information... it looks like a red and white triangle) the moderators will take care of it.

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    Not saying it did or didn't happen. But there is lots of 0 post people who buy WSOs and never post on the forums... just saying and since most 0 posters are crazy with shiny object syndrome maybe they only post reviews in the WSO forum section so they get 0 post counts for those. I see the same people posting in all the WSO threads mostly so you never know.
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    sometime people do business this way... The best tip before buying wSO to prevent fake or selfcreated reviews, just pick wso with trial offer, refund policy (just in case it's bad wso)... but , honestly, it will take some time to try out those wso ...

    the best one is, if the wso is still new then wait for some honest testimonials from senior warrior...

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    Hmm very slick indeed. You can refer to it here with a link. Obviously not aff.link.
    Nice catch tho and yes report them you will do the community a favor.
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        No he should not post a link to the wso with the ridiculous proof that has been given.

        Why ruin someone's reputation because of a hunch.
        Well said. Thank you.

        Far too often, these things turn out to be nothing. People don't understand the "new people/shiny object" response, and they assume stuff that just ain't so. And then bash people mercilessly for things they didn't do.

        On the flip side, there are some folks who use shills this way. When we catch them, the response is not friendly. But we have more information to base decisions on.

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    Report them. Include the thread, and the usernames you suspect to be shilling.

    That is generally a "ban on sight" infraction.

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    Hahaha. The worst experience after this is being bombarded with 5 to 10 emails a day after you buy those WSO's.
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    Trust me man, I feel the exact same way. I cant stand that fake testimonial/review BS. This is the internet. If you cant be honest here, you cant be honest anywhere.

    BUT I also see it from both sides. After actually launching a service for myself, I can honestly tell you that just because a review is from what appears to be a fake account, it doesnt mean that it is.

    When I'm talking to someone on Skype and were about to disconnect, I have no idea who they are on the forums. I dont know their join date. I dont know their post count. Hell, I dont even know if they HAVE an account on here. They could have just stumbled across this place and decided to contact me (which has happened quite a few times before) and I have no way of knowing until they actually post the review.

    I've had people with a 2009 join date make their first-ever post in my thread and they left me a great review. I'm sure you can imagine just how shocked I was. lol definitely didnt expect that one. I've also had people who didnt have a WF account sign up just to leave one, saying its the least they could do. I dont blame them, I offer quality.. lol but unfortunately, I cant speak for all sellers.

    But yea, if there are any reviews/testimonials that you find suspicious, report the posts. Paul has all sorts of tools that we dont have. I know it says we are all mods, but trust me - we dont have half of the stuff that he does. Paul will be able to find out if they are from the same person or not.

    I'm admin on a gaming forum that runs on vB and there are a LOT of things you can do.
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    People that have 0 posts doesn't necessarily mean that the WSO creators are posting their own reviews. When my affiliates send out newsletters regarding my WSO, many people buy, then contact me to file a testimonial. I redirect them to creating an account and posting a review in my thread. Before you 'assume' any testimonials have been posted by the WSO creator, do further research and analysis.
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