Does it matters How many Views a thread get?

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I just want to ask this that is there any worth of No. of Views for a thread?

More views means a good thread or else?

Actually this forum is showing No. of Views for every thread and some times i feel that a thread which have more views means there is something interesting in it but not always it happens.

I just want to know what actually No. of Views for a thread shows apart from the point that how many people viewed it?
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    Well, yes, in general you could say that the number of views, the better the thread. Sometimes in the WSO section the number of views will reveal whether or not people are satisfied with their purchase. So those threads are definitely worth checking in on.

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    The number of views a thread has may be indicative of it's "hotness" or popularity. However, to better gauge how good the thread is, you should also factor in any number of replies. But the best measurement of all is to just visit the thread, read the content, and judge for yourself
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    From an IM POV.....

    More thread views = higher CTR = higher conversion possibility of replies

    if this makes sense...
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      Threads are a FANTASIC lesson in IM. If you take a couple of minutes to look through views versus replies, you begin to disseminate that thread titles are important........after all...that's what attracts you to the thread.

      Learning how to construct a thread title is like figuring out Adwords. In fact you can use WF to post a thread and use...... Another forum to figure out the same thing but with a different title and see which one converts the best. VERY ROUGHLY, 10% of views are posts, try your titles and see which one converts the best on different forums and then consider that for your Adwords campaign title. It's free testing.

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    Views are the first attraction towards the thread showing its importance, however, the real thing which matters is the replies. More replies show more importance as the discussion is moving on.
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    Means more views = A much better thread = More people like it or more people comment on it = More authenticated one.
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    Well it definitely means that it's more popular, but i don't know how you judge what a "good" thread is. That's kind of a subjective and relative thing.

    What you can usually determine is that if a thread has a lot of views it probably has a lot of interest around it, it's probably a hot topic or something like that...

    Or it just has a really kick ass title.

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    Interesting questions,
    According to me, more views considers the people interests,

    Like you have added one thread regarding "How to increase traffic on website?" and getting 1000 views, 15 reply in 2 days,

    And another thread you added that is "I want to sale .org domain" and getting 500 views, 4 reply in one week that means people are more interested regarding SEO topic and like to share there views and more like to debate on simple topic but very less people are interested on buying .org domain.
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    I'd say that generally the number of views are more of a reflection of how intriguing the thread title is. The replies obviously indicate more of a discussion but I definitely take note of thread titles and number of views to better help with my email subject lines.
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    Just signifies how broad the appeal is of the subject matter suggested by the title of the thread.
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    Often the number of views means nothing more than it's a controversial thread and people are curious. It can mean that it's a great thread, but not always.
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    • Originally Posted by sbucciarel View Post

      Often the number of views means nothing more than it's a controversial thread and people are curious. It can mean that it's a great thread, but not always.

      Exactly.... Sometimes there in nothing a great info in a blog but still getting views and replies. Sometimes conversations goes long but there is no results in end and sometimes u got your answer in just one reply.

      You can see there is nothing interesting in your thread but still get 63 views and 13 replies...........

      Feel free to contact with me @

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    The # of views will also tell that the thread is very useful and informative to the viewers.
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    If your signature have something to sell and your thread have more views , yes it matters
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    I think it's a given that you'll almost always have more views that replies and as others have pointed out, the only thing views may reveal is how sexy the thread title was. However, there is a symbiotic relationship between views and replies. A thread with more views will attract more potential responders and a thread with a lot of replies will attract more views. As well, a thread getting a lot of action with replies will stay on page one longer and get more views.

    Anyone else got an ice cream headache after reading what I just wrote?

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    only a good thread get attraction from users, so it is an indicator of the same
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    If you see more views by a thread then could be more interesting. If it's more interesting = higher conversion. That's my opinion.
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