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This just kinda' fell in my lap, but could be applied across several niche's and marketing methods...

I was just doing some basic niche research with Seo Book, just typing in 'free' and 'how to' and 'buy' and 'ebay' and what not, noting the terms that came up, reading the forum and checking the WSO's when this came up...

A fellow warrior offered a package deal on a niche that had kept coming up in my searches, complete with a WordPress Theme, 25 'well written' plr articles, an MRR ebook that I could sell or give away, and some basic instructions on how to set everything up. A helluva deal for $9!

I went to Clickbank and reviewed the top products available for that niche, went to the bottom of their page and clicked on 'affiliate', some even had 'articles' so I quickly added another dozen or so articles.

Ideally, a clickbank publisher should provide banners and images as well, as this one did, as well as a giveaway email series, a short mini-course, etc.

Another $10 secured me a generic, but very usable .com domain name because I used a simple technique that allows me to buy domain names that can be prefixed with subdomains and match a lot of search terms.

As an example, i.e. You could create stock-investing, marketing, saving, or any number of subdomain names to prefix that and it would look like '' to the search engines.

So for $20, I have a domain, a wordpress blog/site, around 40 articles that I can rewrite ( I use wordflood because it lets me rewrite it naturally and just suggests synonyms), a product to give away to build my list, an affiliate product to promote, and the outline for my own e-product. I am also able to promote the niche with adwords, Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Yes, it helps that I have a hosting account with Hostgator, experience with Wordpress, and over a year of research, but...

You need to be prepared when an opportunity presents itself and take advantage of it. Without the work of all these other people, I might have never taken advantage of this.

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    I really appreciate the Awesome information you provided on you post. This is great and I wish you all the success. I also personally is SEO bood. This is a great product. Thanks for the post.

    Jon Inocelda
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      That is some very good information. How has it worked out?
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    Hi. Great article. Out of the gate I tried writing my own product. Needless to say, after several weeks of work, it is still sitting unfinished. I decided to get a couple good quality PLR products and managed to rewrite both in one weekend. Now all my products are PLR (high quality of course).

    Your article also introduced me to Wordflood. My typing is atrocious so a lot of time is spent wording and re-wording. For me this product is fabulous. Thank you for that.

    Take care.
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