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Told You So!

Ahh, im just kidding. But seriously. Google Plus is now set to reach 400 Million+ users in 2012. There was much debate in our neck of the woods if it would even survive. And its proven some of us wrong.

If you are not already using it for your SEO purposes you need to be. We already know that social likes, tweets and google plis 1's effect seo in a positive way so if your not already on the bandwagon, you need to be!

You thing to be aware of is those dodgy +1 sellers. If those votes do not look natural - you may just be wasting your money and at worst attract negative attention to your site. +1's like backlinks must be natural.

The best way to get them is to highlight the +1 icon and even offer people incentives to +1 kind of like people on facebook advertising likes.

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    Hmmmm... a good one.

    Definetely, anything site having GP's will definitely thrive with Google Search Engine
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