A service I am surprised no one offers this

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Someone could make a some cash (maybe a fivver gig) or maybe more. There are tons of people who can not make a nice looking aweber form. If a newbie wants to make a nice aweber form, they get frustrated. Think about it.

Yes, aweber offers custom forms, but it is not easy for new folks to add a picture of their ebook, etc. Pixs need to be re-sized, hosted (ex. tinypix.com if they can't or don't know how to host on their own.), put in the right position on the form etc, etc.....

I am really surprised to see there is no one offering this service. For many the only option is to try popupdomination or something similar. But then, that again needs lots of work and cost lots of extra cash.

Aweber is the auto-responder of choice, and allow you to customize a form. I think many people would pay a few bucks to have someone log into their aweber account and "hook up" a nice form for them. I am surprised no one offers this service.
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    I'd pay more than a fiverr for a custom one.
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    The question, if someone is providing the service will you be interested in it ?

    Aweber is a major service that usually webmaster prefer to master it.

    I don't think people would rather pay for it than doing it themselves.
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    That is a good idea - so why aren't you doing it?
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        Originally Posted by robsterhews View Post

        I am not an aweber form guru....
        It doesn't take much to learn. Grab a template and for every order that you receive you can just replace the image/headline/opt in code. I'd imagine that you could create them in 5 minutes or so.
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    My personal preference would be to do it myself. However I don't see any reason why a custom Aweber form design service wouldn't work, especially if it will save time.
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    There are some really nice and inexpensive templates you can use for this. Put all the slick fruit salad in the template and then stick your simple form in a slot. No fuss, no muss, no mess.
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    You don't have to be guru at all. Just to know HTML basics.
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    It's a good idea.

    I find the standard forms SO boring.
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    i always had this similar question too. i always wanted to get custom squeezepages where i can add my form but instead of giving me the generic aweber form i would look like a custom from.

    i would pay for a fiverr gig!

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    Worth A LOT more than $5... Get on it man!
    "Grammar: The difference between knowing your sh*t, and knowing you're sh*t." -A Wise Man
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    Yeah, I would have thought these gigs were more than a fiverr ? There could be quite alot of work?
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    Hmmm, customizing autoresponder form ... or is it more of customizing the splash/opt-in page we're more interested in?
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    Definitely think this would be a useful service. I always wondered how people created some of those slick looking opt in forms.

    I'm sure there would be a market for it especially here on the forum.

    You should get cracking and offer the service
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    By the time you finish designing for the client, you'll make about a buck an hour and that's high. If you do it for fun, that's fine, but if you do it for money then the hourly rate sucks.

    Say the client uses aWeber, you have to fit the aWeber code into the theme or site platform it's going on, so it works. There's more to it than the graphic form.

    As for the 5er gig, you'd make about 50 cents an hour, maybe.
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    I believe someone will come up with this service at fiverr after reading your thread. Unfortunately, I don't have that skill.
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    Good thinkin' man! I bet if the demand actually called for it, you could knock out at least 5 or 6 of these an hour... if not more!

    Seems like a very easy gig that folks just might be willing to pay for.
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      Have you thought about creating a product like this? Obviously there seems to be a market for it.
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    I have software that does that on my blog. Fancy optin box creator.

    ** Edit - but pretty easy to do with Kompozer.
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