happy new year from uk warrior

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Just wishing every warrior out there a happy, healthy and wealthy new year to you and your families!!!

Best wishes

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    Happy New Year from a rathe pie eyed GW
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    My god! did you see the London display... speechless.

    Bet the London sky hasn't lit up like that since the blitz.
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    Same, have a great 2012 to you folks here on WF!
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    A relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a healthy body & heart full of love. All these r my prayers 4 u n ur family. A very very happy new year 2012 for my dear fellow warriors...............
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    Happy New Years everyone!
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      Happy new year everyone
      And have a fantastic 2012 in you business and personal lives.
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    Happy New Year.

    2012 is going to be a difficult year says.. David Cameron... UK Prime Minister.

    His world of slavery, working 9-5 every day and being taxed to your grave... is ending.

    There is a NEW and better way to live your life. Don't let them grind you down.

    Find time in your busy day to investigate an alternative way and escape the rat race.

    Harness the internet in your life and move into the information age.

    Wish you every success,

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    Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you more luck.
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    Happy New Year from London UK,
    are there any good london WF/IM meet ups to go to ?
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    New Year is Just like a new washing powder to remove all stains of sorrow and give bright hopes for next year ..
    " Happy New Year"

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    Wishing you all the a very successful year ahead!!!

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    Happy New Year Louie from another UK based warrior!
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