What are your internet marketing related new year's resolutions?

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Just wondering, what are your internet marketing related new year's resolutions?

Mines to simply double my income by the end of 2012 which I think I'll achieve quite easily.

James Scholes
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    Mine would be to have better discipline when it comes to doing work
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    I've created a new email address so I can get away from all the WSO noise. I have a plan, it's going well and I'm gonna stick to it.

    Take Action, Take Action, Take Action!
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      I will be dedicating 50% more time on IM this year compared to last year.

      This means that i'll be cutting down on most of the weekly social activities. I know this is necessary if i want to avoid distractions and develop a ritual and focus on what must be done.

      Abbreviation for FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful
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    1) Have at least 300 webpages promoting Amazon as an affiliate.
    2) Create 2 blogs
    3) Generate $5k/month Passive Incomes from my current website
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    I want to quadruple my income this year which I already have a plan for - OUTSOURCING LOW VALUE TASKS.
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    Already have my plan of action in place, and to increase my income two fold.
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    I have a major project in the works and am looking into what subjects to do a few new PLR reports on.......so I have IM plans in the works.

    But..........I haven't made a NY resolution in decades. I find them effete at best. If there is something I decide I want to do, I just do it and find it absurd to pick a symbolic start date to work to achieving something I want to do. I notice most people don't do too well via that method either. Can't really figure out the purpose of doing so other than a new year makes everyone feel like they are getting a fresh start with renewed hope.

    I do feel this is going to be a great year after one that seemed to be more bad luck than anything else. A change of years does seem to help one turn their eyes forward and leave the past where it belongs.

    Happy 2012 everyone.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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    But do you know how you're going to accomplish that? I haven't really thought of mine yet.. been busy on my PLR site.
    Oh yes! All I have to do is scale up what I'm doing. I reckon I'll crack it within 6 months in fact.

    James Scholes
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    I made a firm commitment to myself to kick procrastination in the backside and concentrate fully on a project I have had in the works quite sometime.

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    My resolution is to... FOCUS.

    Build my sales funnel and then FOCUS 80% of my energy
    in driving traffic to it.

    Focus on only one traffic method at a time... master it
    and move on to the next.

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      mine is slightly different and nothing to do with income. of course income is fantastic to have but that isn't why i started my sites.. i did so because of passion.. the extra income coming in is just a plus point.

      so my new years resolution is to start 2 more authority sites in my passion's niche and grow them to be leaders in their niche locally.

      and if i succeed, the money will come naturally.
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    anyone who wants to kick procrastination needs EAT THAT FROG by Brian Tracy
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    More Automation when it comes to office tasks!
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